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4 Aug 2021 Survey Findings on Views about COVID-19 Released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK 3 Aug 2021 問責協議報告反映中大整體教學及研究水平獲得肯定 (Chinese version only) 2 Aug 2021 CUHK and CR Enterprise Sign Cooperation Framework Agreement Facilitating Development of Regenerative Medicine and Renewable Energy in Hong Kong with Investment up to HK$200 Million 30 Jul 2021 Survey Findings on HKSAR Government’s Popularity in July 2021
Released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK
29 Jul 2021 CUHK and Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters Survey Shows Concerns about Hong Kong Students Suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome 29 Jul 2021 CUHK Engineering Team Discovers a New Degree of Freedom in Nanomechanical Topological Insulators
Exploring Research Directions of New Types of Computer Chips
28 Jul 2021 CUHK Develops a Novel Faecal Test that can Detect Polyps and Early Colon Cancers with Sensitivity Over 90% 27 Jul 2021 BASF Kids’ Lab sparks children’s passion for STEM in Hong Kong 27 Jul 2021 Marine ecologists reveal mangroves might be threatened by low functional diversity of invertebrates 22 Jul 2021 CUHK Sustainability Initiatives Recognised by UN International Green Gown Awards 22 Jul 2021 CUHK Uncovers that Brain Cells in Alzheimer’s Patient Consumes Nutrition Essential to Neurotransmission
Study Supports Great Potential of Nutrient-based Approach in Managing Neurodegenerative Disorders
19 Jul 2021 CU Medicine Study Shows Childhood Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Increases the Risk of Hypertension in Adulthood 19 Jul 2021 中大賽馬會「智」為未來計劃
首套中大與本地中學聯手共建的人工智能教學資源套即將面世 (Chinese version only)
18 Jul 2021 CUHK Launches New Scholarships and Bursaries for Outstanding New Students 14 Jul 2021 Over 400 CUHK Members Vaccinated Against COVID-19 through Outreach Vaccination Service on Campus 14 Jul 2021 CUHK Develops Brain Method to Forecast Infants’ Future Language Development 12 Jul 2021 Co-op@CUHK: First University-wide Co-op Programme in Hong Kong 8 Jul 2021 CUHK World First Shows AI-derived MRI Brain Indices Aid Clinical Detection of Three Cognitive Disorders at Early Stage 7 Jul 2021 Nutritionist Stream in B.Sc. in Food and Nutritional Sciences is First UK Association for Nutrition Accredited Programme in Hong Kong 7 Jul 2021 CUHK-Baylor Study Proves Aspirin Reduces the Risk of Preeclampsia by Decelerating the Metabolic Clock of Gestation