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28 Feb 2024 CUHK welcomes 2024-25 Budget Speech’s initiatives 27 Feb 2024 Co-op@CUHK expands scope with an increase in corporate partners to over 130
Providing over 700 placement opportunities in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and the rest of Asia
22 Feb 2024 “Amazing Clay: Masterpieces from the Ceramic Collection of CUHK Art Museum”, an overview of treasured ancient ceramics 20 Feb 2024 CUHK establishes Global Sports and Wellness Innovation Centre, applying ARIA technology to facilitate sports industry 19 Feb 2024 CUHK develops novel molecular classification of cancer-associated fibroblasts across multiple cancers, improving understanding for more targeted treatment 14 Feb 2024 CU Medicine is a pioneer in Asia, introducing upper airway stimulation for obstructive sleep apnoea patients 8 Feb 2024 CUHK study shows few patients with type 2 diabetes can achieve diabetes remission in real-world settings through weight loss at early stage and eventually stop medications 7 Feb 2024 Mourning Professor Joseph Lau Wan-yee 5 Feb 2024 CUHK and HKU jointly develop a potential new treatment for brain tumours and Parkinson’s disease 1 Feb 2024 CU Medicine finds benign prostatic hyperplasia patients suffer from up to five times the risk of urological complications after COVID-19 infection 1 Feb 2024 The CUHK Council has nominated three members to participate in the Search Committee for the Appointment of the Vice-Chancellor and President 29 Jan 2024 Celebrating the Year of the Dragon at CUHK Art Museum 29 Jan 2024 CUHK discovers a blood regulator linked to tumour microenvironment formation, sparking a new therapeutic target for lung cancer 25 Jan 2024 CUHK develops new modular magnetic microrobot to deliver cells into the bile duct for targeted therapy 25 Jan 2024 CUHK study estimates half of COVID-19 infections went unrecognised during the Omicron epidemic in Hong Kong 24 Jan 2024 CU Medicine’s nationwide multicentre study on acute lymphoblastic leukaemia establishes a new biomarker to inform relapse risk and treatment strategies 23 Jan 2024 A major international study identifies biomarkers that enhance prediction accuracy of cardiovascular diseases in people with diabetes and have potential to change clinical practice 15 Jan 2024 CUHK receives HK$66 million from RGC’s Collaborative Research Fund 2023/24 15 Jan 2024 CUHK’s 60th Anniversary Global Student Concert fosters global cultural exchange through the power of music 14 Jan 2024 40th Anniversary Gala: a Ruby Jubilee Celebration for CU Medicine