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22 Sep 2022 CUHK’s Margaret K.L. Cheung Research Centre for Management of Parkinsonism develops a new tissue imaging technique for studying brain diseases 22 Sep 2022 深入推進內地(大陸)與港澳台教育交流合作 港中大(深圳)校長徐揚生談大學辦學進展 19 Sep 2022 CUHK Art Museum’s Exhibition Sparkle and Charm: Canton Enamels of the Qing Dynasty 16 Sep 2022 煤氣公司、聖公會福利協會及中大推出「煮播2.0」- 戶護「析」煮
有效提升長者和照顧者的身心健康綜合指數 (Chinese version only)
14 Sep 2022 September 2022 Issue of CUHK in Touch is Now Available Online 6 Sep 2022 CUHK joins Future17 to cultivate talents for sustainable development and make a world of difference 5 Sep 2022 CUHK and ASTRI sign the first MoU on all-round development of commercialisation using their rich resources in scientific research 5 Sep 2022 CUHK holds flag-raising ceremony to kick off the 2022/23 academic year 4 Sep 2022 CUHK Robotics Team triumphs at ABU Robocon in second victory for Hong Kong 31 Aug 2022 Survey findings on views about political parties in Hong Kong released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK 31 Aug 2022 CUHK first discovers obese patients with diabetes and fluctuating blood glucose control had a high cancer risk
while patients with diabetes treated with a common class of blood pressure lowering drug had a low cancer risk
30 Aug 2022 CUHK admits 38 elite athletes 29 Aug 2022 Mourning Dr Vincent H.C. Cheng 22 Aug 2022 Five CUHK researchers recognised by China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2022 22 Aug 2022 Inaugural lecture from the Ip’s Family Trust Professor in Clinical Oncology: A Joyful Prescription by Professor Stephen Chan 21 Aug 2022 CUHK study finds extreme hot weather will definitely increase in the future
Long-term planning for cooling facilities and public spaces is required
19 Aug 2022 「第四屆一帶一路及大灣區中醫藥傳承和現代化研討會」暨「一帶一路中醫藥發展聯盟」籌備會成功舉辦 (Chinese version only) 18 Aug 2022 CUHK co-leads global lung cancer study
Supporting lorlatinib as first-line treatment option for ALK-positive advanced NSCLC patients
15 Aug 2022 CUHK-incubated start-up wins international energy competition and establishes strategic partnership with Towngas 11 Aug 2022 CUHK students win 16 awards at the 8th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition