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6 Nov 2021 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Holds 90th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees 5 Nov 2021 CUHK Chung Chi College Celebrates its 70th Anniversary 5 Nov 2021 CUHK launches six InnoHK Centres to power the innovation agenda 4 Nov 2021 CUHK Researchers Discover a Novel Method to Adjust the Elasticity of Material for Achieving Smart Elastic Metamaterials 3 Nov 2021 CUHK Professor Jun Yu and her team receive the State Natural Science Award second-class award 3 Nov 2021 CUHK Business School Launches Hong Kong's First MSc in Actuarial Science and Insurance Analytics Programme to Nurture High-calibre Actuaries for Asia's Growing Market Demand 2 Nov 2021 CUHK Faculty of Engineering Holds Financial Technology Conference 2021: Towards a Digitalised Society – Digital Assets & Platforms 2 Nov 2021 Jockey Club “Sports without Limits” Youth Empowerment Programme Benefits over 46% Special School Students
Hosts the First Local Symposium on Active Healthy Children and Youth with Disabilities through Adapted Physical Activity
1 Nov 2021 CUHK Breakthrough in Discovering the Mechanism of Plant COPII Vesicle Formation to Mitigate Abiotic Stresses
Providing New Insights into Developing Stress-resistant Crops
28 Oct 2021 CUHK Unveils an Ambitious Blueprint for Innovation and Technology in the Greater Bay Area 27 Oct 2021 CUHK Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence Programme 2021 with Presence of Three Distinguished Alumni on Campus and New Mentorship Programme to Broaden Students’ Horizons 26 Oct 2021 October 2021 Issue of CUHK in Touch is Now Available Online 21 Oct 2021 CUHK Researchers Unveil a Novel Competition Strategy that May Fuel Plant Cells for a Sustainable Development of Crops 20 Oct 2021 Survey Findings on Views about Emigration from Hong Kong Released by the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK 18 Oct 2021 30 CUHK Research Projects Displayed in Technology Exhibitions
Project highlights: Automatic Retinal Image Analysis Technology for Early Detection of Diabetes and Portable Formaldehyde Sensor with Sub-ppb Sensitivity
14 Oct 2021 Exhibition of “Southbound Intellectuals and Their Legacy: Lingnan Literati’s Contribution to a Century of Hong Kong Education” Jointly Presented by Institute of Chinese Studies and CUHK Library 13 Oct 2021 CUHK Holds Virtual Information Day and Physical Campus Visits this Saturday 12 Oct 2021 CUHK Scholar Awarded the 2022 AMS Chevalley Prize in Lie Theory 11 Oct 2021 Survey Findings on Views about COVID-19 Released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK 10 Oct 2021 香港中文大學博群社區研究計劃學生團隊
「石籬中轉房屋清拆安置方案及中轉房屋政策研究」發布會 (Chinese version only)