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13 May 2021 New Term of Vice-Chancellor’s Global Alumni Advisory Board Convenes on University Development 12 May 2021 CUHK Professor Raymond Yeung Earns the IEEE 2021 Richard W. Hamming Medal 12 May 2021 Nearly 200 CUHK Students Granted Shanghai Fraternity Association Diligence Bursary 11 May 2021 Fun to Move@JC Survey: COVID-19 Affecting Children’s Physical and Mental Health 10 May 2021 CUHK Engineering Research Launched in the Market in Partnership with HGC for Advanced Data Security and Smart City Development in Hong Kong 10 May 2021 A Global Study Led by CU Medicine and HKUMed Discovers a Hepatitis C Virus Drug as Potent Treatment for COVID-19 7 May 2021 A Long-Awaited Rerun at CUHK Art Museum Brings You to the Captivating Domains of Chinese Painting 7 May 2021 CUHK Develops a Computational Platform to Predict Vaccine Effectiveness by Virus Genome 5 May 2021 Jockey Club “Sports without Limits” Youth Empowerment Programme Empowers Students with Disabilities to Get Physically Active through Adapted Sports 4 May 2021 CUHK Engineering Develops New Technology Extending the Lifetime of Redox Flow Batteries and the Development of Grid-scale Energy Storage 3 May 2021 Survey Findings on Views about Hong Kong Economic Situation and Prospects Amid COVID-19 Pandemic 29 Apr 2021 Survey Findings on HKSAR Government’s Popularity in April 2021 Released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK 28 Apr 2021 CUHK Uncovers a New Strategy to Turn “Cold” Liver Tumour “Hot”
Leading to an Effective and Durable Combined Immunotherapy
26 Apr 2021 CUHK Appoints Former Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma as Honorary Professor of Law 26 Apr 2021 CUHK Business School Develops a Corporate Innovation Index to Empower Hong Kong’s Economy through Innovation 25 Apr 2021 CUHK Institute of Future Cities and China Academy of Urban Planning and Design Collaborate on the Development of the GBA Smart Cities Cluster 22 Apr 2021 CUHK Study Proves Air Pollution Is Strongly Correlated with Early Atherogenic Process 21 Apr 2021 CUHK Vice-Chancellor Professor Rocky S. Tuan Contributed to the International Higher Education Forum 2021 (English version only) 20 Apr 2021 CUHK Research Team Develops an AI System for Detecting COVID-19 Infections in CT with a Privacy Preserving Multinational Validation Study 16 Apr 2021 中大大腦與認知研究所舉辦網上講座系列 探討幼兒早期語言發展 (Chinese version only)