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2 Mar 2021 CUHK and ASTRI Pull Together to Launch Smart City Technology Oriented Practitioner Programme 1 Mar 2021 CUHK’s Clarification on the Unfounded Claims by CUHK Student Union Executive Committee 28 Feb 2021 CUHK Unveils the Balance Between Two Protein Counteracting Forces in the Neurodegeneration of Hereditary Ataxia
Providing New Direction for SCA3 Therapeutic Intervention
26 Feb 2021 CUHK Receives Funding to Strengthen and Promote Youth Entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area 26 Feb 2021 University Handling of Student Disciplinary Cases 25 Feb 2021 CUHK Statement on the Cabinet of the CUSU Executive Committee 25 Feb 2021 中大香港亞太研究所發表同步接種或延遲接種情況下平均疫苗保護率評估結果 (Chinese version only) 25 Feb 2021 An International Team of Scientists Including a CUHK Student Discovers the “Heaviest Black Hole Collision” might be a Boson Star Merger 24 Feb 2021 香港中文大學澄清關於校長的不實傳言(Chinese version only) 23 Feb 2021 CUHK Uncovers Molecular Mechanism Regulating Blood-cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier Function in Developing Brain
New Direction for Treating Neurological Diseases
22 Feb 2021 CUHK’s Chanwuyi Lifestyle Medicine Programme Certified by American College of Lifestyle Medicine
A Scientific Evidence-based Programme for Improving Cognitive Function and Physical and Mental Health
22 Feb 2021 Four CUHK Scholars Named inaugural RGC Senior Research Fellows and RGC Research Fellow 21 Feb 2021 CUHK Vice-Chancellor Professor Rocky S. Tuan and CU Medicine Professor Gang Li Named Fellows of Orthopaedic Research Society 17 Feb 2021 CUHK Departments and Units Will Resume Normal Operation from 18 February 15 Feb 2021 Professor Peiyong JIANG Becomes First Hong Kong Scholar Elected Senior Member of the National Academy of Inventors 9 Feb 2021 Six Outstanding CUHK Scholars Awarded RGC Early Career Award and Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship 2019 & 2020 8 Feb 2021 HKBU and CUHK Launch Spermine Risk Score for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis 8 Feb 2021 CUHK and HKPC Join Forces to Nurture Next Generation InnoTalent with On-the-Job Research Opportunities to Strengthen Local Talent Pool 8 Feb 2021 12 CUHK Teachers Receive the University Education Award and the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award for Their Teaching Excellence 5 Feb 2021 Ocean Park and The Chinese University of Hong Kong Sign MOU for Integrated Wildlife Conservation and Education Programmes
Largest-Ever Education Conservation Initiative Conducted in Local Schools Includes Targeted Programming for Students with Special Educational Needs