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29 Mar 2021 Survey Findings on HKSAR Government’s Popularity in March 2021 Released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK 28 Mar 2021 CUHK’s Response to Media Enquiries (Chinese version only) 28 Mar 2021 CUHK Research Team Enables Navigation and Localisation of Microrobotic Swarms in Blood Vessels
Drive Forward Transformation towards Medical Applications
23 Mar 2021 CUHK Receives Nine Awards in the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 23 Mar 2021 CU Medicine and International Surgeons Suggest Patients with Positive COVID-19 Results Should Delay Surgery for Seven Weeks to Reduce Death Risk 22 Mar 2021 CU Medicine Professor Ronald Ma Receives Prestigious Research Award from The Asian Association for The Study of Diabetes 18 Mar 2021 Leading Blue Energy Revolution: CUHK Faculty of Engineering Develops Water-Tube-Based Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Efficient Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting 16 Mar 2021 CUHK Professor Appointed Autism Global Senior Leader for Hong Kong
To Strengthen Collaboration Between Local and International Autism Research Communities
15 Mar 2021 CUHK Professor Mei-Po Kwan Awarded 2021 AAG Wilbanks Prize for Transformational Research in Geography 12 Mar 2021 CUHK Clarification on Campus Security Measures 11 Mar 2021 CUHK Art Museum’s Google Art Project Free Virtual Learning at Your Fingertips 11 Mar 2021 CUHK Study Shows Regular Exercise Is a Safe Diabetes Prevention Strategy For People Living in Polluted Regions 9 Mar 2021 CUHK Study Shows Combined Vaccination and Physical Distancing Measures Critical for Preventing COVID-19 Resurgence 9 Mar 2021 CUHK Holds the Fifth “Literary CUHK” Essay Competition Award Ceremony 8 Mar 2021 Survey Findings on Views about the Enforcement of Restriction-testing Declarations by the Hong Kong SAR Government 8 Mar 2021 中大舉辦網上研討會探討早產嬰兒發展問題 歡迎家長及公眾人士參與 (Chinese version only) 4 Mar 2021 CUHK-HKU-UL Conducts World’s First Insomnia Prevention Programme and Proves Insomnia is Preventable in At-risk Adolescents 4 Mar 2021 CUHK Faculty of Arts Presents the Third Episode of “Arts and Humanities Conversations at CUHK” Series, 2020-21 4 Mar 2021 CUHK Hosts Diversity and Inclusion Pledging Ceremony Taking the Lead in Promoting a Diverse and Inclusive Campus 3 Mar 2021 Survey Findings on HKSAR Government’s Popularity in February 2021 Released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK