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24 Feb 2023 中大第三期「DSE數學科網上義教平台」 現正接受報名 (Chinese version only) 24 Feb 2023 CUHK unravels the world’s most comprehensive genome profile of the American cockroach and reveals novel cockroach allergens for the development of precision immunotherapy 23 Feb 2023 Why university students with autism need systematic support – CUHK study reveals challenges from academic learning to campus life 23 Feb 2023 A tripartite agreement among CUHK, CUHK-Shenzhen and the Shenzhen Municipal Government to bring cross-border partnership to the next level 22 Feb 2023 CUHK welcomes 2023-24 Budget Speech’s initiatives in promoting innovation and cultivating talent 20 Feb 2023 Survey findings on views about residential property market in Hong Kong released by the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK 17 Feb 2023 香港中文大學與龍崗區開展經貿科技教育交流 聚焦醫療衞生領域 助力粵港澳大灣區發展 (Chinese version only) 15 Feb 2023 Survey findings on HKSAR government’s popularity in January 2023 released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK 15 Feb 2023 CUHK teacher’s innovative approach enables students to continue real-time experiment remotely 14 Feb 2023 CUHK and The George Institute for Global Health announce new collaboration to transform health in China 13 Feb 2023 CUHK appoints University Librarian 12 Feb 2023 CUHK debuts stunning drone show to celebrate 60th anniversary – the first such event on a Hong Kong campus 10 Feb 2023 深圳市委代表團到訪中大,商討未來合作計劃 (Chinese version only) 9 Feb 2023 CUHK leverages Microsoft Azure Lab Service Virtual Machine to extend digital literacy training to 3,500 year-one students 8 Feb 2023 Council consideration of proposed postponement of a government loan to the CUHK Medical Centre 6 Feb 2023 CUHK scholar pioneers new method to accurately identify “low-abundance RNA transcripts” – a breakthrough in combating lung cancer 30 Jan 2023 CUHK builds diversified miniature soft machines with ferrofluids based on their three wetting characteristics 20 Jan 2023 CUHK receives HK$50 million from RGC’s Collaborative Research Fund 2022/23 20 Jan 2023 Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit at CUHK Art Museum 17 Jan 2023 New CUHK research takes magic of invisibility cloak and creates a mega device – potential applications span novel cell culture and drug delivery