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16 Jun 2021 CUHK Among Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents in 2020 15 Jun 2021 CUHK Establishes Lam Kin Chung . Jet King-Shing Ho Glaucoma Treatment and Research Centre
To Promote Advancement in Glaucoma Management in Hong Kong through Research and Training
12 Jun 2021 CUHK Engineering Research Team Develops Novel Ultra-dynamic Hydrogel to Promote Differentiation of Human Stem Cell and Development of Tissue Engineering Materials 7 Jun 2021 CUHK Releases Main Study Results of Child Health Behaviour
Hong Kong Students Are Below International Health Standards
7 Jun 2021 CUHK Discovers Eukaryotic Fossils Hold the Key to the Evolution Timeline of Bacteria 7 Jun 2021 Survey Findings on Views about COVID-19 Released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK 3 Jun 2021 CU Medicine Survey Shows Only 25% of Unvaccinated People Intend to Get Inoculated in the Coming Six Months
“Multiple Incentives” are Urgently Needed
2 Jun 2021 “Vaccination Leave” for CUHK Staff who receive COVID-19 Vaccination 1 Jun 2021 CUHK Study Finds Half of Childhood Cancer Survivors Used Complementary and Alternative Medicine 31 May 2021 CUHK Unlocks the Mystery of Small Heat Shock Protein Using Cryo-EM Technology Paves the Way for Plant Genetic Engineering 31 May 2021 Survey Findings on HKSAR Government’s Popularity in May 2021 Released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK 31 May 2021 CUHK Nethersole School of Nursing Hosts the 7th Pan-Pacific Nursing Conference 28 May 2021 CUHK Press Titles Earn International Recognition in Unprecedented Selection for the AUPresses Book, Jacket, & Journal Show 27 May 2021 CUHK Welcomes the Secretary for the Environment, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, and Commissioner for Innovation and Technology Visiting HKPC’s Homegrown “Food TranSmarter” on Campus 26 May 2021 CUHK Institute of Health Equity Calls for Addressing Health Inequalities in Hong Kong 26 May 2021 CU Medicine Estimates 20,000 COVID-19 Hidden Infections in Hong Kong
All Vaccinated Persons in HK Developed Neutralising Antibody After Two Doses
Urgent Call for the Largely Unprotected Population to Get Vaccinated
25 May 2021 CUHK Unveils a Toxic RNA’s Role in Neuronal DNA Damage and Develops New Therapeutic Direction for Huntington’s Disease 25 May 2021 CUHK Science Faculty Hosts Lecture by Nobel Laureate on Faculty Research Day 24 May 2021 Mourning Professor Yuan Longping, Father of Hybrid Rice and Doctor of Science, honoris causa of CUHK 24 May 2021 CUHK and The Nippon Foundation (Japan) Jointly Launch “SignTown” –
a Sign Language Learning Game Featuring Real-time AI-based Sign Language Recognition developed by Google