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Others 25 Jun 2023 - 6 Jul 2023 APRU Undergraduate Leaders’ Programme 2023: Leadership for Sustainable Cities Development
Seminar 19 Jun 2023 CUHK LAW CCTL Book Launch – ‘Buddhism and Comparative Constitutional Law (Cambridge University Press 2022)’
Seminar 28 Apr 2023 The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Faculty of Education
Centre for University and School Partnership
25th Anniversary Professional Event Launch Ceremony and Seminar: “Quality Education.All-round Development.Positive Value”
Lecture 28 Apr 2023 RPCAA Lecture Series 2023 (4): Types, Craftsmanship and Development of Metallic Threads in Ancient Chinese Textiles Decoration
Seminar 21 Apr 2023 CUHK LAW CLINDS’s 21st LegalTech Seminar – ‘Demystifying ChatGPT – Why Language Models will not Replace Lawyers’ by Dr. Eliza Mik (Online)
Others 20 Apr 2023 Lingnan Culture Studies Research Paper Competition 2022 Award Ceremony
Keynote Lecture: Prof. Ching May Bo "The Lychee
is 'hot' and the Star Fruit tastes subtle: multiple interpretations of Lingnan local products"
Seminar 18 Apr 2023 CUHK LAW CCTL Transnational Legal History Group Seminar – ‘SS Ventnor – A Tragic New Zealand Shipwreck, Hungry Ghosts and Bitter Controversy’ by Mr. Keith Gordon (Online)
Others 18 Apr 2023 - 21 Apr 2023 中大舉辦第四屆「陳克文中國近代史講座」
Seminar 14 Apr 2023 CUHK LAW Greater China Legal History Seminar Series – ‘Treaty for a Lost City – The Historical Background and Legal Implications of the Joint Declaration’ by Prof. Chin Leng Lim (Online)
Seminar 14 Apr 2023 Sir Run Run Shaw Distinguished Visiting Scholar Lecture 2022/23
Lecture 13 Apr 2023 [GE Salon 2022-23] The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Metaverse
Seminar 12 Apr 2023 CUHK LAW CCTL seminar – ‘Perceiving Law without Colonialism: Revisiting Courts and Constitutionalism in South Asia’ by Dr. Cynthia Farid
Lecture 12 Apr 2023 ILC Special Guest Workshop: Practical Tips for IELTS Writing Tasks
Lecture 11 Apr 2023 Ye Jiaying Lecture on Chinese Literature
Lecture 7 Apr 2023 佛典詮釋與「過度詮釋」:以如來藏經典的當代詮釋為例
Seminar 4 Apr 2023 CUHK LAW CCTL Comparative Constitutional Law Research Forum Seminar – ‘The Use of Foreign Law by Constitutional Judges in Common Law Asia’ by Ms. Virginie H.L. Kuoch (Online)
Lecture 3 Apr 2023 Research Programme for Lingnam Culture - Public Lecture Series 2023 - Prof. Mak Kam Wah
Cultural 3 Apr 2023 Midday Oasis Lunchtime Concert: Solo Piano Concert
Cultural 2 Apr 2023 Chung Chi College Chapel Sunday Service:
Hosanna in the Highest
Seminar 1 Apr 2023 HK SciFest 2023 - Are you rational?