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15 May 2023 New algorithm can predict diabetic kidney disease
A simple blood sample could help doctors catch kidney disease earlier in type 2 diabetes patients
15 May 2023 CUHK soybean research project taken to space by Tianzhou-6 First Hong Kong agricultural research project to be launched into space 12 May 2023 CUHK announces the invention of an aerial-aquatic hybrid drone 11 May 2023 CUHK research project taken to space by Tianzhou-6 First Hong Kong agricultural project to be launched into space 11 May 2023 CU Medicine study identifies 11 allergen components of shrimp for precision diagnosis of shrimp allergy 10 May 2023 CU Medicine leads new clinical practice guidelines on use of non-invasive biomarkers for colorectal cancer screening with international experts 8 May 2023 CUHK reveals how Helicobacter pylori ‘smuggles’ a toxic metal for its survival 8 May 2023 CUHK finds high intention in Hong Kong to keep wearing masks and using alcohol-based sanitiser but low intention to receive a booster shot in the current era of COVID-19 endemicity 6 May 2023 CUHK and HKU hold the Vice-Chancellor’s Cup Soccer Match 4 May 2023 CUHK and FPAHK launch the Jockey Club Genetic Carrier Screening Programme for High Risk Couples 3 May 2023 CUHK and CBSH sign MoU to advance healthcare and life sciences in the Greater Bay Area and beyond 2 May 2023 CUHK, China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technology and Shenzhou Space Biotechnology Group sign national space programme cooperation agreement 29 Apr 2023 CUHK innovations win 26 awards at International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2023 26 Apr 2023 New initiative launched to support and empower young people with diabetes 25 Apr 2023 廣東省委常委、王曦副省長率團訪問中大 (Chinese version only) 25 Apr 2023 The Art Institute of Chicago and CUHK co-present exhibition of the legendary Hong Kong artist Lui Shou-kwan
A Hong Kong art story told on the global stage
25 Apr 2023 Survey findings on views about social mobility in Hong Kong released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK 24 Apr 2023 CUHK Receives Twenty-one Awards at Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2022-2023 23 Apr 2023 Mourning Dr Ju Ming 23 Apr 2023 Dr Norman Chan appointed Vice-Chairman of CUHK Council