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5 Dec 2023 CUHK announces the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2022 results, Hong Kong students excel globally amid COVID-19 challenges 5 Dec 2023 CU Medicine proves a new endoscopic gastrointestinal bypass is superior to conventional treatment
for patients with malignant stomach outlet obstruction
5 Dec 2023 CUHK holds NAM Distinguished Lecture cum International Health Policy Fellowship Seminar to discuss the opportunities and risks of applying AI in medicine 4 Dec 2023 Over 200 participants from more than 10 regions gather at CUHK to discuss health systems and community resilience lessons learnt during COVID-19 1 Dec 2023 CUHK Professor Dennis Lo receives the inaugural Tengchong Science Prize 30 Nov 2023 CUHK’s ISEIS joins hands with China National Space Administration’s Earth Observation System and Data Center to launch CUHK’s first satellite Opening a new chapter for Hong Kong’s aerospace technology 29 Nov 2023 CUHK response to Audit Commission Value for Money audit 29 Nov 2023 CUHK announces survey results on the mental health of local child, adolescent and elderly populations 29 Nov 2023 12 CUHK projects funded by 2023/24 NSFC/RGC Joint and Collaborative Research Schemes, the highest share among Hong Kong Institutions 28 Nov 2023 CUHK launches The Jockey Club We WATCH Healthy Lifestyle Project
– Hong Kong’s first lifestyle medicine initiative to fight chronic disease among the middle-aged
27 Nov 2023 CUHK-led collaborative research predicts
hot nights to increase by 50% in 2040s
and extreme rainfall to increase by over 40%
23 Nov 2023 CUHK finds teacher-led cardiopulmonary resuscitation training is as effective for secondary school students as training led by medical staff 23 Nov 2023 CUHK Professor Dennis Lo elected as member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 21 Nov 2023 CUHK study opens up a new treatment direction for autoimmune eye inflammation 17 Nov 2023 Survey findings on Hong Kong government’s popularity in September 2023
released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK
16 Nov 2023 CU Medicine develops novel microbiome technology MOZAIC™ for faecal microbiota transplantation
Enhancing treatment success for Clostridioides difficile infections to over 90%
16 Nov 2023 CUHK scientists develop naturally biodegradable packaging materials to help local industry comply with disposable plastic utensils regulations 16 Nov 2023 CUHK Architecture’s Project Plum Grove and two campus buildings take home four HKIA Awards 15 Nov 2023 Thirteen CUHK scholars named Highly Cited Researchers 2023 15 Nov 2023 CUHK wins unprecedented International Sustainability Award in the James Dyson Award