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25 Jan 2007

CUHK and Evivar Medical set up the Centre of Excellencefor the management of Hepatits B

25 Jan 2007

Treatment of viral hepatitis B is hampered by the limited number of anti-viral drugs available and the frequent emergence of drug-resistant viruses after a period of medication. There are many mutations leading to drug resistance exist in the viral genome which varies in different individuals especially in those receiving different anti-viral drugs. As the number of drugs available increases, cross drug resistance profile of the virus increases significantly, making the correct selection of drug at the right time increasingly important. A highly complex matrix of mutation pattern from worldwide data is now collected in a unique and comprehensive database called SeqHepB. Information in the database will be invaluable in guiding clinicians to choose the best anti-viral drugs of individuals who require treatment.

The Faculty of Medicine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Evivar Medical Ltd (that owns the SeqHepB database) are delighted to announce the establishment of the Hong Kong Centre of Excellence for the management of Hepatitis B (HBV). The Centre of Excellence, located at the Hepatitis Research Laboratory in the Prince of Wales Hospital, can offer viral genome sequencing for patients who receive anti-viral therapy. Comparing the viral genome with the information from the SeqHepB database, clinicians in Hong Kong are provided with a complete mutational profile and predictive resistance analysis for their patients’ viral profile, thus enabling them a significant improvement in the accuracy and effectiveness of predictive drug selection and in turn better care for their hepatitis B patients. For clinicians in a two or three drug environment such as Hong Kong, SeqHepB will bring a highly accurate tool to assist in the selection of the RIGHT DRUG AT THE RIGHT TIME for the patient.

A launch ceremony is held at Central today to brief the practitioners how the collaboration can help them better manage their Hepatitis patients.