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22 Oct 2008 CUHK Department of Social Work Releases Findings of a Study on Culture of Helping, Seeking Help and Mutual Help in Hong Kong 21 Oct 2008 CUHK’s Response to the Decision of the Court of First Instance on the Classification of the Chinese University Student Press 21 Oct 2008 中大教育學院大學與學校夥伴協作中心主辦首屆兩岸四地可持續發展教育論壇本週五及六舉行 (Chinese Version Only) 20 Oct 2008 British Consul-General to Hong Kong and Macao Andrew SeatonSpeaks on Hong Kong’s Role in the Global Challenge of Climate Change at CUHK 20 Oct 2008 The University of Sydney Chancellor Leads Delegation to CUHK 20 Oct 2008 中國社會科學院特邀顧問劉國光教授本週四於中大演講剖析中國改革三十年歡迎公眾報名參加 (Chinese Version Only) 20 Oct 2008 國家自然科學基金委員會與香港中文大學合辦2008化學生物學學術研討會 (Chinese Version Only) 19 Oct 2008 CUHK Launches Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science Double Major Programme for the Age of Turbulence 17 Oct 2008 中大科研成果展於第十屆高交會吸引過千人次參觀 (Chinese Version Only) 17 Oct 2008 British Consul-General to Hong Kong and Macao Andrew Seatonto Speak at CUHK next Monday 16 Oct 2008 Credit Suisse and The Chinese University of Hong Kong to Offer Global Finance Diploma 16 Oct 2008 中大參與「創新科技嘉年華」多項電腦遊戲帶領學生進入科技領域 (Chinese Version Only) 16 Oct 2008 Citibank Launches University Banking Course 2008-2009 with The Chinese University of Hong KongPractical banking knowledge and essential workplace skillset foster all-rounded future leaders 14 Oct 2008 劉遵義校長以「天塌不下來」講座剖析金融海嘯中大人發揮自強不息精神 (Chinese Version Only) 14 Oct 2008 The Chinese University of Hong KongDepartment of EconomicsSeptember Survey on Public Perception of the Economic Conditions 12 Oct 2008 CUHK Study on Renewable Energy Wins ASME Best Paper Award 12 Oct 2008 United College Distinguished Visiting ScholarProfessor Qin Dahe 10 Oct 2008 SHKP and CUHK Present Nobel Laureate Lecture Eminent Professor in Physiology or Medicine Speaks on the Origins of ES Cells 9 Oct 2008 CUHK Students Complete Global Internship ProgrammeParticipating Countries Spanning over USA, Canada, Europe, Australia andthe Mainland 9 Oct 2008 提升「衣、食、住、行」生活質素中大科研成果展於第十屆深圳高交會 (Chinese Version Only)