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26 Sep 2008 中國工程院常務副院長潘雲鶴院士率領院士代表團訪問香港中文大學並主持院士講座系列 (Chinese Version Only) 23 Sep 2008 6th Workshop of WCRP / GEWEX Radiation Panel Working Group on Data Management and Analysis Held at CUHK to Promote International Co-operation on Global Climate Change 22 Sep 2008 The Chinese University Press and the University Library System present "Into the Digital Age: Launching of Online Journals and Book Exhibition of The Chinese University Press" 20 Sep 2008 A Longitudinal Study on the Effectiveness of Daycare Services for the Dementia Population in HK 19 Sep 2008 A New Paradigm in First Line Treatment of Lung Cancer 18 Sep 2008 Hidden and Dangerous Parasomnias in Psychiatric Outpatients 14 Sep 2008 台灣中央大學代表團訪問中大太空所促進地理環境科學的未來協作 (Chinese Version Only) 11 Sep 2008 中大建立全港最大「教研用中藥園」致力將中藥知識普及化 (Chinese Version Only) 9 Sep 2008 中國繞月探測工程首席科學家歐陽自遠院士率領國家探月工程專家代表團訪問中大主持公開講座分享太空探測進展 (Chinese Version Only) 9 Sep 2008 The Shaw Laureates in Mathematical Sciences 2008 to Speak at CUHK on Mathematics of Chaos and Quantum Mathematical Physics Tomorrow 8 Sep 2008 President of Utrecht University Visits The Chinese University of Hong Kong 6 Sep 2008 The Chinese University’s Teaching and Learning Commended by UGC’s Quality Assurance Council 4 Sep 2008 中大香港亞太研究所選民對2008年立法會選舉意見調查最新結果摘要(九月四日) (Chinese Version Only) 3 Sep 2008 New Status for CUHK’s Faculty of Law 3 Sep 2008 CUHK Designs a User-friendly Obesity Measuring Tape for Children Aged 6 to 18 2 Sep 2008 Can we avoid spending the last part of our lives in old age homes? 1 Sep 2008 中大香港亞太研究所選民對2008年立法會選舉意見調查最新結果摘要(九月一日) (Chinese Version Only) 30 Aug 2008 Living with HopeRaising Public Awareness about Children Cancer in mainland China and Hong Kong 29 Aug 2008 賀京奧成果 向國家體育工作者致敬中大舉辦「北京奧運成功的啟示 - 新科學、新思維、新培訓」論壇 (Chinese Version Only) 29 Aug 2008 Vice-Chancellor Lawrence J. Lau Shares with Students at Inauguration for Undergraduates