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14 May 2008 SHKP and CUHK Present Distinguished Lecture by Nobel Physics LaureateFree Tickets Available 14 May 2008 中大香港亞太研究所市民對通脹問題意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 13 May 2008 Nobel Literature Laureate Gao Xingjian to Speak on Infinite Freedom of Expression within Limitations at CUHK on 23 MayFree Seats Available 13 May 2008 Weight Reduction Surgery Offers Effective Treatment of Type II Diabetes in Severely Obese Hong Kong Chinese 8 May 2008 何梁何利基金建設創新型國家高峰論壇—能源、交通與創新邀請重量級講者深入剖析 今天假會展舉行 (Chinese Version Only) 5 May 2008 Early Diagnosis of Abnormal Heart and Vessel Function in Patientswith Systemic Lupus Erythematosus by Advance Imaging Technologies 3 May 2008 Launch of “Bowel Cancer in Hong Kong: Education, Promotion and Screening” Project to Raise Public Awareness on Bowel Health 29 Apr 2008 中大香港亞太研究所香港市民對內地發展意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 28 Apr 2008 Cooperation of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Airports: 2008 Survey Result of Public Opinion 28 Apr 2008 中大香港亞太研究所特區政府二零零八年四月份民望意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 24 Apr 2008 中大香港亞太研究所香港市民對特區政府施政滿意度意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 23 Apr 2008 市民對香港環保問題意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 22 Apr 2008 Citibank University Banking Course 2007 – 2008Graduation Ceremony 21 Apr 2008 Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of The 10th NPC Professor Cheng Siwei Lectured at CUHK Today 19 Apr 2008 中大太空與地球信息科學研究所利用高級合成孔徑雷達提高颱風預報精確度 (Chinese Version Only) 17 Apr 2008 Children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea are at Risk of Hypertension 17 Apr 2008 市民對北京舉辦奧運會態度意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 15 Apr 2008 SHKP and CUHK Jointly Present Nobel Laureates LecturesNobel Laureates in Medicine and Economic Sciences Explain Latest Research 11 Apr 2008 財政司司長曾俊華到訪中大 (Chinese Version Only) 9 Apr 2008 CUHK admits the largest number of EAS students four years in a row