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16 Nov 2019

Latest update on campus restoration

16 Nov 2019

Recent incidents on campus throughout the week have caused great destruction to facilities and devastated the campus. Since this morning, skeleton staff from the University have started to inspect the campus, conduct risk assessment and clear barricades at the main entrances and roads. The University may seek assistance from the Fire Services Department or other relevant government departments to remove hazardous substances. The University is recruiting additional security officers to station on campus. Relevant staff members from colleges and faculties are now working on the damage assessment and repair works of the buildings, laboratories and other facilities in their respective units.

The work resumption plan for staff will be announced on or before tomorrow.

Over the past week, the University’s transport vehicles have been unlawfully driven and suffered different levels of damages. Since it takes time to examine and repair the damaged school buses, the Transport Office is now evaluating the situation and, meanwhile, contacting other bus companies to provide limited shuttle bus services when staff resume duties.

Many staff, students and alumni have expressed their willingness to support the University by volunteering to help with campus clean-ups and repairs. The University is very grateful for their support. However, due to current limited road access and safety concern on campus, the University urges all members of the University not to return to campus until the emergency clean-ups and safety assessment are completed. The University will keep all parties informed when further assistance is needed.