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15 Nov 2019

Statement by Heads of Universities on Current Situation in Hong Kong

15 Nov 2019

Hong Kong society is currently fractured, with deep divisions across social groups, political parties, and even amongst family and friends. The past week has seen a rapid escalation of violence and confrontation throughout Hong Kong: several universities are now under protestors’ control; on-campus hazardous materials have been taken; staff and students have left campus out of fear for their personal safety. These events are challenging our universities in the most fundamental way.

No political viewpoint gives a licence to damage property, employ physical threats, or use violence against individuals. It is regrettable that societal disagreement has led to university campuses becoming major political battlefields, and that the government response has so far not been effective. However, any demand that universities can simply fix the problem is disconnected from reality: these complicated and challenging situations neither originate from the Universities, nor can they be resolved through University disciplinary processes. They are reflections of Hong Kong-wide disagreement, and the government must take the lead with swift and concrete action to resolve this political deadlock and to restore safety and public order now.

Hong Kong is our home. We call on all quarters of society to work together to bring peace and order back to Hong Kong.


Prof. KUO Way, President, City University of Hong Kong
Prof. Roland T. CHIN President & Vice-Chancellor, Hong Kong Baptist University
Prof. Leonard CHENG, President, Lingnan University
Prof. Rocky S. TUAN, President & Vice-Chancellor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Prof. Stephen CHEUNG, President, The Education University of Hong Kong
Prof. TENG Jin-Guang , President, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Prof. Wei SHYY, President, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Prof. WONG Yuk-Shan, President, The Open University of Hong Kong
Prof. ZHANG Xiang, President & Vice-Chancellor, The University of Hong Kong
(Listed in alphabetical order of universities)