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5 Mar 2019

CUHK Launches the 4th I·CARE Book Festival “Reading is Voyaging through Time and Space”

5 Mar 2019

The 4th I·CARE Book Festival

The 4th I·CARE Book Festival organised by I·CARE Programme of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) will be held on 6-28 March. Themed “Reading is Voyaging through Time and Space”, this festival consists of a series of Book Talks, a Book Crossing Pavilion, Preferential Offer of New Books and other activities. The  hope is that it will foster a culture of literacy on campus, and connect different CUHK people through the sharing of books. Most of the activities are open to the public. Details and Registration can be referred to the following webpage: 

Thanks to the support and generosity of the CUHK alumni, staff, students and friends, the 4th I·CARE Book Festival has received over 25,000 second-hand books for the Book Crossing Pavilion during 11-18 March. This pavilion will be situated in the foyer of Sir Run Run Shaw Hall and be a cosy book room in which CUHK students and staff may immerse themselves in a sea of books. Each participant is also permitted to take away a maximum of 8 books for free. The pavilion is a vehicle for the 4th I·CARE Book Festival to keep the books moving, to accelerate knowledge transfer and to foster a reading culture. 

Through numerous “Book Talks”, the 4th I·CARE Book Festival will also steer students and staff of CUHK into an immersive journey with renowned scholars, authors and translators. They include, among others, Lai Ming-chu, Fu Yue-an, Joyshan Kung, Leung Man-tao and Chen Fong-ching. The people and events in their works such as Haruki Murakami, Chou Meng-tieh, Lam Hang-chi’s editorials, the concept of remembrances of history, and the contention that science germinated in the west will all be encountered. Participants are brought to gather at a confluence of great minds where they will wander in history, explore the globe, learn from the words and draw from the wisdom. 

Please refer to the event poster for the schedule of the Book Talks: 

Introduction of ICARE Programme
Launched in 2011, the I·CARE Programme has been committed to offering informal whole-person education to students based on the I·CARE Framework (I – Integrity and Moral Development; C – Creativity and Intellectual Development; A – Appreciation of Life and Aesthetic Development; R – Relationships and Social Development; E – Energy and Wellness). It is planned and implemented by the I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development of CUHK. In line with its motto “Aspiration through Reflection; Renewal through Civility”, the I·CARE Programme aims to inspire students to actively partake in social and civic services. It also helps towards the release of students’ holistic competencies so that they will become able to improve the wellness of people in the local, regional and global communities. Activities under the I·CARE Programme are mainly carried out through the following six areas: University Lectures on Civility, Social Service Projects Scheme, Community Research Scheme, NGO Internship Programme, Social Enterprise Startup Scheme and Local Poverty Alleviation Initiative.

The 4th I·CARE Book Festival

The 4th I·CARE Book Festival


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