6 August 2018

CUHK Admits 2,886 Outstanding HKDSE Students

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has admitted, through JUPAS, 2,886 students who sat for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination and the intake this year is impressive.  99.5% of them were Band A students.  Building on the success in admitting the top student with the best HKDSE results last year, this year CUHK admitted 3 students with 5** in seven subjects, as well as 11 students with 5** in 6 subjects.  The 3 students with 5** in seven subjects will enrol in the Medicine (Global Physician-Leadership Stream), Global Business Studies and Global Economics and Finance programmes.  Of all candidates who achieved Level 5** in five subjects or above in the HKDSE, territory-wide, over 40% were admitted by CUHK, and of all the candidates who achieved Level 5** in one subject or above, 38% were admitted by CUHK, the highest proportion amongst all JUPAS participating institutions.

In terms of the median admission scores of the best five subjects, five out of the top ten programmes/ streams among the JUPAS institutions in the territory are CUHK programmes including Medicine (Global Physician-Leadership Stream), Global Business Studies, Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science, Medicine and International Business and Chinese Enterprise. Medicine (Global Physician-Leadership Stream) is the top programme with the highest median admission scores, territory-wide, for five consecutive years.

In terms of the admission scores achieved by individual JUPAS applicants in their best five subjects, 10 programmes/streams at CUHK admitted students this year with a score of 35 (that is, Level 5** in 5 subjects). These programmes include Chinese Language and Literature, Global Business Studies, Professional Accountancy, Global Economics and Finance, Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science, Medicine, Medicine (Global Physician-Leadership Stream), Pharmacy, Enrichment Stream in Theoretical Physics, and Geography and Resources Management.

A Musician’s Journey into Global Business

Luk Hei has been playing piano and harmonica from a young age, and has obtained the ATCL Diploma in the former.  Talented in both music and academics, he has been admitted to the Global Business Studies programme as one of the top candidates in Hong Kong who achieved Level 5** in seven subjects.  With dedication, he kept on furthering his music while preparing for the HKDSE exams in which achieved the top grade of 5** in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as well as  in all four core subjects. Among many honours and awards from music festivals, Luk Hei won the 2016 Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival.  He also enjoys playing soccer and finds in sports and music much relief from exam stress and fatigue.  Multi-talented and with a wide range of interests, he was both a prefect and committee member of the Harmonica Society in school, and participated in Go contests and committee work on environmental protection, among other activities.  Luk Hei aims to broaden his horizons and to meet people from all walks of life in Global Business.

Ping-Pong Athlete Found Her Calling

Lam Yee Lok, a member of the Hong Kong Women’s Table Tennis Team, has been admitted to the Physical Education, Exercise Science and Health programme as a top scholarship recipient under the Sports Scholarship Scheme.  Yee Lok’s talent in table tennis was spotted by teachers in junior secondary, after playing the sport throughout her primary school years.  She has received much support from her school, teachers and coaches, and has balanced her time well between sportsmanship and studies.  In 2011, she won her first Girls’ Singles in Poland at the International Table Tennis Federation Junior Circuit, setting her sights on becoming a professional athlete.  Over the years, Yee Lok has gathered  many more awards and professional experiences, but not without setbacks and challenges.  She was once diagnosed with arthritis caused by intensive training, right before a match.  It took her a long time to recover, and she felt defeated.  With the determination and perseverance that she has developed in the sports field, she ultimately recovered. The experience reinforced her belief that one needs to go the extra mile for a brighter future.

Innovate to Care: Sign-translate Gloves Developer to Study Economics

Chan Ka Lung, admitted to the Economics programme, has been in love with science and technology and won many accolades from a young age.  When he was in secondary five, Ka Lung, in collaboration with two of his schoolmates, developed a “sign-translate glove” that turns sign language from a human hand into multi-lingual texts displayed on a smartphone. Utilising Bluetooth technology and building on concepts from an elementary gadget in the US, the device allows the deaf to communicate with foreigners who speak other languages.  The design won for the team a bronze medal (Engineering) in I-SWEEP 2017—the International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering & Environment) Project Olympiad.  Ka Lung has since challenged himself in many more local and national competitions. He has also been invited to tell the story of his success and how he turned his passion for science and innovations into helping people.  His willingness to support his community and to help those in need will inspire teachers and students at CUHK.

Six “Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship” Awardees Join CUHK

HKSAR Home Affairs Bureau launched the ‘Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship’ in 2015.  Through the scholarship scheme, local undergraduate students, each year, are awarded full-tuition fee scholarships by the government to study a bachelor degree in recognition of their achievements in non-academic areas such as sports, arts and/or community service.  6 scholarship recipients this year are being admitted to CUHK. The programmes admitting them include Fine Arts, Integrated BBA, Medicine, Nursing, and Physical Education, Exercise Science and Health. 

This year, 110 students were admitted to CUHK through the ‘School Principals’ Nominations Scheme’. Through the Sports Scholarship Scheme, 23 were admitted including students with outstanding achievements in sports including athletics, badminton, basketball, fencing, handball, karatedo, swimming, table-tennis, archery, wushu, tennis and volleyball.  3 of these sportsmen/ sportswomen are members of teams that represent Hong Kong officially. 18 of them are from the Hong Kong Junior Squad and two are members of the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation.

Luk Hei
Luk Hei

Lam Yee Lok
Lam Yee Lok

Chan Ka Lung
Chan Ka Lung