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2 Sep 2015

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Statement

2 Sep 2015

To allay the recent concerns that have arisen among students and alumni about the new wordmark logo of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and to foster a better understanding of the new logo, the University would like to make the following points clear.

The University has no plan to replace or discard the existing University logo. The new wordmark logo ‘CUHK’ is only intended to be offered as an option for University members, some of whom have expressed concerns about limitations involved in applying the existing logo. For instance, as the English name is longer than the Chinese one, the existing logo sometimes looks too small when it is alongside logos of other institutions. The new wordmark logo ‘CUHK’ will serve as an alternative for University members to use in overseas promotions or on other occasions where they feel it would be suitable.

The idea of introducing a new wordmark logo first came about in a management retreat held early this year, leading to the setting up of the University Visual Identity Committee chaired by a Pro-Vice-Chancellor, with members comprising representatives from all eight Faculties, nine Colleges, Communications and Public Relations Office, Information Services Office and professors from concerned academic departments. After rounds of discussion and deliberation, the new logo was approved by the Administrative & Planning Committee as one of the official logos of the University.  

The University has in place a set of usage guidelines on University visual identity. To facilitate University members’ use of both the new and the existing logos (e.g. on their name cards), various templates will be provided soon to strengthen unity and allow them to pick the logo that suits their needs the best.

The University welcomes any suggestions and comments as always.