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8 Jun 2016

Heartfelt support to our student Ma Cheuk-long

8 Jun 2016

Dear students, colleagues, and alumni,

Last night, we learned that Ma Cheuk-long, a year-2 student of the Department of Anthropology, New Asia College has been diagnosed with myocarditis leading to end-stage heart failure.  He is in urgent need of a heart transplant to save his life.  Cheuk-long is a hard-working student and a good, kind person.  We all feel distressed to see Cheuk-long having to battle such a serious illness at his young age.

The University has contacted Cheuk-long’s family to offer all possible and appropriate assistance. As far as we know, Cheuk-long is now staying at the cardiothoracic surgical ICU ward of Queen Mary Hospital.  He has been relying on a ventricular assist device for his heart functions and requires immediate transplant surgery for survival.   I need your help to spread this message so that Cheuk-long will have the opportunity to receive an organ donation and regain his health. We sincerely hope that Cheuk-long will overcome this great difficulty and return to the campus soon.

Let us send our blessings and encouragement to Cheuk-long and his family!

Joseph J Y Sung  
Vice-Chancellor and President