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25 Oct 2023

CUHK welcomes the 2023 Policy Address

25 Oct 2023

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has welcomed the Chief Executive’s 2023 Policy Address, heralding the proposed establishment of an international higher education hub. The announcement to increase the quota of non-local students to Government-funded post-secondary institutions to 40% will be important in positioning Hong Kong as a major international education destination and will see the city become more attractive from Belt and Road Countries as well as the mainland.

Continuing its longstanding commitment to merit-based admission standards, CUHK will ensure that quality remains at the core of its plans to incrementally enrol more non-local students. The University will ensure that investment in the student experience will ensure that the campus is geared to accommodate more high-quality students and that infrastructure such as hostels and teaching facilities continue to meet world-class standards. CUHK’s institutional commitment to diversity and inclusion will ensure the integration of local and non-local students to deliver a harmonious, vibrant, and welcoming environment for all students.

Furthermore, the Policy Address will intensify efforts announced as part of Hong Kong’s Innovation and Technology Blueprint which will see Hong Kong emerge as a globally leading international centre of excellence in research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship. The establishment of the New Industrialisation Development Office will expedite a range of priority areas such as microelectronics, supercomputing, artificial intelligence, and ensure that an advanced ecosystem is cultivated to propel outputs from start-ups to achieve market success.

CUHK’s research strengths in innovation and automation, computer science, big data, and artificial intelligence will see the University play a big role in achieving this exciting vision for Hong Kong’s future. The recent establishment of CUHK Innovation Limited will see the University partner with industry and co-invest in startups to ensure that the University is at the forefront of cultivating the next generation of Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial leaders.

CUHK is delighted to see the continued emphasis on the Northern Metropolis and the Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Co-operation Zone, pivotal to the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). Positioned as a vital bridge between Hong Kong, the Mainland, and the global stage, CUHK’s recently inaugurated Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Research Institute (Futian) symbolises its commitment to fostering collaboration. The university has initiated collaborative double major programs between its Hong Kong and Shenzhen campuses, offering students a broader academic spectrum and diversified placement opportunities within the Greater Bay Area. CUHK remains dedicated to promoting synergies in the region, thereby supporting Hong Kong as a scientific research engine and talent hub in the GBA.

Finally, CUHK wholeheartedly endorses the health and medical innovation initiatives articulated in the Policy Address which aligns strongly with the University’s strategic focus on innovative biomedicine. The University applauds the emphasis on clinical research, trials, and the advancement of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong. CUHK’s establishment of the Advanced Therapy Products Good Manufacturing Practice Centre, in partnership with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, underscores its commitment to expediting life-saving biomedical innovations. Simultaneously, the School of Chinese Medicine endeavours to cultivate talents for the Chinese Medicine profession in Hong Kong and the GBA to position the region as a major international hub for this crucial area.