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12 Jul 2017

CUHK Vice-Chancellor Candidate, Professor Rocky S. Tuan, Meets University Members

12 Jul 2017

Professor Rocky S. Tuan, recommended candidate for the next Vice-Chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), visited the University last week and met with members of the University community, including staff, students and alumni, to share his vision for higher education and the future development of CUHK.

Upon the conclusion of his visit on 9 July 2017 (Sunday), Professor Tuan expressed his deep appreciation for the opportunity for open and meaningful discussions on a broad range of issues that are of concern to staff, students and alumni.  He was pleased to meet the many University members who attended the meetings and raised high quality questions.  The University community, in turn, felt that they had had excellent opportunities to get to know Professor Tuan as a person and a scholar, and how he might lead CUHK if he became the next Vice-Chancellor.  Before departing Hong Kong, Professor Tuan said that he is very much looking forward to continuing the active dialogues and interactive communication with members of the University if he is appointed as CUHK’s next Vice-Chancellor. 

Professor Tuan remarked, “I consider the words of Confucianism – cultivation of personal virtue, family harmony, art of governance, and universal justice and peace – as the essence of higher learning and my education philosophy. To bring changes and innovations to the world, one must first improve oneself. I very much appreciate CUHK’s approach to whole person education, which is founded on its long tradition of general education, and places emphasis on both the intellectual and moral aspects of education.  Interactions among similar age fellow students from different backgrounds provide wonderful learning opportunities, and make university experience one of the most precious periods in one’s life.”

Members of the University who wish to submit their views on the recommended candidature of Professor Rocky S. Tuan as the next Vice-Chancellor may write to the University Council via the Vice-President (Administration) and University Secretary on or before 21 July 2017. The Council will consider and decide on Professor Tuan’s recommended candidature at a special meeting to be held during the week commencing 24 July 2017, after hearing views from members of the University.  For more information, please refer to