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13 Nov 2020

CUHK Statement

13 Nov 2020

The University noticed today that slogans which may potentially violate the law have been posted on the Democracy Wall on campus. They were immediately removed.  The University earnestly reminds the individuals involved not to put themselves at risk of committing offense against the law, as they will have to bear the legal consequences.

In addition, many places on campus were spray-painted with phrases and markings. There were also banners displayed at unauthorised locations, which might affect the safety of passers-by.  These acts of vandalism and disregard of the safety of others are distressing and could also constitute an offence of property damage. The University strongly condemns the illegal behaviours of the people involved and expresses regrets over the damage resulting from the incident.

CUHK has always respected freedom of expression, and has established policies to protect the rights of all stakeholders, including their right of expression. Different channels are also available for all CUHK members to express their opinions. However, University members must conduct activities or express opinions in a rational, respectful manner and abide by the law. The University does not tolerate any illegal behaviour or damage to the reputation of the University, and that any violations will be dealt with strictly. In the event of any inappropriate activities that violate legal guidelines taking place there, the University will take necessary action to protect the well-being of the University and all its members.