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25 Feb 2021

CUHK Statement on the Cabinet of the CUSU Executive Committee

25 Feb 2021

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) categorically states that the content of the election platform of the CUHK Student Union Executive Committee does not represent the position of the University.

In a previous statement issued on 3 February, the University had expressed its strong objection to the election platform of the candidate Student Union cabinet and the remarks made by its members in media interviews. Subsequently, the University communicated with the students concerned and cautioned them that their remarks regarding national security matters might contravene the law. In addition, the Student Union Executive Committee members have made false allegations against the University and exploited the campus for their political propaganda, which ran counter to the mission of CUHK and brought the University into disrepute.  

As the Student Union Executive Committee failed to clarify the potentially unlawful statements and false allegations despite repeated cautioning and advice, the University resolves to: 

(1) suspend the University’s practice of collecting student union fees on behalf of the Student Union.  Financial assistance for the affiliated organisations of the Student Union will not be affected. Support for student services that may be affected will be provided by the University Office of Student Affairs.

(2) require the Student Union to register as an independent society or company and assume its own legal responsibility, as is the practice of the student unions of other local universities and alumni associations; 

(3) suspend relevant members of the Student Union Executive Committee from their ex-officio positions in all the committees of the University; 

(4) withhold until further notice University administrative support to the Student Union Executive Committee and provision of venues for its activities; and

(5) take further actions if deemed necessary. 

The University reiterates that the Basic Law is the foundation of the rule of law in Hong Kong, which respects and allows for academic freedom, freedom of expression and freedom of association, and also provides for the protection of national security. The University will not tolerate any behaviour on campus that may endanger national security. Disciplinary actions will be taken on any student who incites unlawful behaviour, which may lead to sanctions including suspension of studies or expulsion from the University.