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25 Dec 2020

CUHK clarifies unfounded rumour

25 Dec 2020

In response to media enquiries about the new arrangements for the Universities Service Centre for China Studies (USC), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) clarifies that these new arrangements aim to reorganize the different services and roles of USC in order to strengthen China research and make its collection readily available to an even broader scholarly community, both local and international. The University stresses that any rumor claiming that the new arrangements result from external pressure is entirely unfounded.

The plan consists of the following arrangements:

Access to the collection

The University will spare no effort in promoting knowledge sharing, academic exchange and research development on China Studies. We always welcome visiting scholars from across the globe to use the collection for their research. Building on the past work of the USC, the University’s long term aim is to make openly and digitally available the USC collection, enhancing its access to scholars world-wide.  Making full use of the infrastructure and expertise within the Institute for Chinese Studies (ICS) and CUHK Library, we anticipate that collaborative digital scholarship will blossom.

Preservation of original historic materials

Parts of the current collection, which include rare newspapers and periodicals from the mid-twentieth century, are deteriorating in their physical condition and require professional preservation which CUHK Library can support. The existing USC collection will be integrated into and managed by the CUHK Library as a named collection, honoring the history of the collection. The collection will grow, not freeze, as funding for new acquisitions will continue. 

Documentary screening and academic exchange

The USC also prides itself on the remarkable assembly of precious video documentaries related to China studies, as well as the well-received international seminars. The documentary screening services and seminars will continue to be provided at the CUHK Library or the Institute of Chinese Studies. Both venues will provide more space, better facilities and logistical support for these events.

The project to complete the reorganization of existing USC services and their integration into CUHK Library and ICS will take time. We are also mindful of the needs and wellness of the USC staff.  The collection will remain open to researchers and visiting scholars when USC is undergoing the planned transformations, which will significantly enrich and enliven the research environment for local and international China research scholars. As always, the University Library and the Institute of Chinese Studies invite scholars everywhere to make use of the University’s remarkable collections and resources in China studies.