19 January 2009

CUHK Launches Stage 3 Engagement Activities of Campus Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan (CMP) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has entered its third stage of stakeholder engagement activities. The Steering Committee of the Campus Master Plan will continue to collect views from all University members on the Specific Proposal presented by the consultant for the formulation of a sustainable and comprehensive CMP for the years leading up to 2021 and beyond.

Overseas Consultant to Speak on Vision and Specific Proposal
The consultant (Aedas Limited and its overseas partner, Edward Cullinan Architects, UK) will launch the Stage 3 Engagement Activities tomorrow (20 January) and present a Specific Proposal. The proposal will demonstrate the refined planning framework for academic facilities distribution as well as connection between colleges and the University, supplemented with traffic (vehicular/pedestrian flow) solutions, landscape strategy, planning parameters of potential development, sustainability and conservation guidelines. Kicking off will be three seminars to be held for three days from tomorrow on ‘Master Planning Vision and Specific Proposal from the Consultant Team’.

The first seminar will be presented by Mr. Edward Cullinan, Campus Master Planning Architect. The Specific Proposal will also be on display in the form of images posted on boards and a Model Exhibition. These will be held on campus from tomorrow to the end of February. Moreover, two CU Cultural Trail / CMP Guided Tours will be organized on 14 March to show participants the cultural artifacts and various planning concepts highlighted in the CMP Specific Proposal.

Active Participation of CUHK Staff, Students and Alumni
The Team, after interacting with stakeholders and conducting studies on the campus, presented Six Key Planning Issues in its Conceptual Plan, namely, Enhancement of College Life, Venues for Academic & Recreational Activities, Pedestrian Friendly Campus, Campus Landscape, A Sustainable Campus and Conservation of Places with Cultural Significance, and invited stakeholders to further share their views in the Stage 2 Engagement conducted in September and October 2008. Various events were arranged, including four Engagement Meetings, three Workshops and a Forum. A View Collection Form was also designed to collect the views of University members. The consultants also carefully considered the views of CUHK alumni collected through an online survey and an Alumni Sharing Session by the CUHK Convocation. The Stage 2 Stakeholder Engagement Report was completed and emailed to all University members last month and uploaded to the CMP website (http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/cmp). The six key planning issues are generally accepted by University members and are ready to be developed into guiding principles for the University’s future development.

Since the organization of first stage Stakeholder Engagement activities, the Steering Committee of the CMP has actively solicited the opinions of University members and met with some 500 staff, students, alumni and University members directly by way of over 30 opportunities for interaction, including briefing sessions, formal and informal meetings, forums, workshops, and exhibitions. It has received close to 1,100 written comments and view collection forms via the consultant and the CUHK Convocation during the engagement period. The University and the consultants will continue to seek the views of University members in order to perfect the proposal and ensure that the CMP submitted in April will be an accurate reflection of the shared vision of all University members. The University urges all members to take part in the coming engagement activities and help formulate a sustainable Campus Master Plan.

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