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7 Jul 2021

Nutritionist Stream in B.Sc. in Food and Nutritional Sciences is First UK Association for Nutrition Accredited Programme in Hong Kong

7 Jul 2021

The Nutritionist Stream, a study stream under the B.Sc. in Food and Nutritional Sciences Programme of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), has recently gained an accreditation from the UK Association for Nutrition (AfN), making it the first AfN accredited nutrition programme in Hong Kong. The graduates will be eligible to become AfN Registered Associate Nutritionists and they can transfer to Registered Nutritionists when they gain the required work experience.

There are currently more than 80 universities around the world offering AfN accredited degree programmes. Accredited programme should meet the professional standards set out by AfN, including a good delivery of sound education and training, student recruitment and admission, and programme evaluation. The programme should also cover five core competences which encompass the understanding and knowledge of nutritional science, the food chain and its impact on food or feed choice, food in a social or behavioural context, scientific principles of nutrition for the promotion of health and wellbeing, and professional conduct and the AfN Standards of Ethics, Conduct and Performance.

Students admitted into the four-year Food and Nutritional Sciences programme at CUHK in academic year 2021-22 and thereafter into the Nutritionist Stream, who successfully complete and fulfill the required core competencies, are eligible to apply through direct entry to become an AfN Registered Associate Nutritionist. Then they can apply for a transfer to Registered Nutritionist when they met the work experience requirements.

The duties of a nutritionist are to assist people in need to achieve a balanced diet, perform health-promoting activities, and engage in nutritional science research and education, and so forth. As a general principle, nutritionists need to adhere to a science-based provision of information and services. There is currently no registration system for nutritionists in Hong Kong. The accreditation given by the UK Association for Nutrition will definitely help to enhance the professional recognition of our graduates and facilitate their development in nutritionist professionalism.”

The B.Sc. in Food and Nutritional Sciences programme with Nutritionist Stream is designed for students who want practical experience before graduation and are interested in practicing as nutritionists after graduation. Students admitted to this programme through the Science broad-based admission scheme may apply to specialise in the Nutritionist Stream by the end of the second term in their second year of attendance, and they must have fulfilled the entry requirement on academic performance and language skills. More details can be viewed at: