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25 Sep 2019

Diversity and Inclusion

25 Sep 2019

Dear Students and Colleagues,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has a mission to combine tradition with modernity and to bring together China and the West. The University has striven to create a culturally diverse and inclusive campus to promote mutual understanding among students from different parts of the world. The University nurtures global citizens of the future by encouraging all its members to build mutual trust and friendship based on respect.

The recent events in Hong Kong have created animosity among students with different cultural backgrounds and distrust between student groups, leading to feelings of anxiety and distress. Being a global citizen, no matter what your background or where you are from, you should embrace the principles of inclusivity and respect. Try to listen humbly and with understanding to different views, and exchange ideas on a peaceful and rational basis. Learn together, and contribute to the betterment of society with the knowledge you acquired here.

The University has always respected freedom of expression, and has established policies to protect the rights of all stakeholders, including their right of expression, and welcomes rational and peaceful discussions or debates on diverse topics. Different channels are also available for all CUHK members to express their opinions.

However, we have recently noticed that campus facilities have been vandalized and spray-painted with phrases and markings at various locations, some of which are difficult to clean and restore. Any members who love the campus would feel sad about this act of vandalism, which could also constitute an offence of property damage.

The University urges all members to respect others’ rights when expressing their views and to cherish campus facilities. Let’s build a diverse and inclusive campus all together.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong