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27 Feb 2019

CUHK’s response to the 2019-20 Budget Speech

27 Feb 2019

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) welcomes the measures proposed in the Budget Speech with the increase of funding in various areas such as the development of talents, the encouragement of the application of scientific research, and the support of Universities’ technology start-ups. CUHK believes that these measures will encourage higher education institutions to conduct more high quality innovative and scientific researches and attract more students to join research and product development work, which eventually benefits Hong Kong, the region, and the world.

CUHK is delighted that the Budget sets aside a provision of HK$16 billion to support the UGC-funded universities to enhance campuses and research facilities, which will help further improve teaching and research quality. CUHK will go forward with this opportunity to upgrade and expand its teaching and research facilities, especially in the areas of bio-technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and information technology, so as to further the development of innovation and science and to bring up technology professionals. 

Two scientific and innovative platforms, namely Health@InnoHK which focuses on the medical technology and AIR@InnoHK which focuses on AI and robotics, are located in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP). Taking advantage of the outstanding scientific researches in medical technology, AI and robotics, and the close interactions with the neighbouring HKSTP, CUHK will submit 4 to 6 proposals to the Government. Some of the proposals have already been submitted. All these proposals are collaborations with top-tier higher education institutions in the world. CUHK is confident about these proposals and it has been looking forward to establishing the innovative platforms with experts all over the world.