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3 Aug 2021

CUHK Teaching and Research Excellence Recognised by the UGC Report on University Accountability Agreement

3 Aug 2021

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has noted with great pleasure that students are generally satisfied with the quality of the teaching, the learning experience and the environment at CUHK, and that employers have a high level of satisfaction with CUHK graduates, according to the latest report on University Accountability Agreement (UAA) issued by the University Grants Committee (UGC). The report also shows that CUHK is in leading positions in various research areas and knowledge transfer engagement. Overall speaking, CUHK’s teaching and research excellence is recognised by the UGC Report.

The global pandemic since early 2020 has brought difficult times and challenges to the world and to the University. CUHK has allocated considerable resources to support the hybrid mode (mostly online classes and some face-to-face) of teaching and learning. This is to avoid crowding on campus, to safeguard the health and well-being of teachers and students whilst, at the same time, maintaining teaching and learning quality. The University is grateful and appreciates all teaching staff for their efforts and hard work to maintain effective teaching and learning outcomes during this difficult period. The results of the UAA report which showed that students were satisfied with their teachers’ efforts are encouraging.

Meanwhile, CUHK is dedicated to advancing scientific research in Hong Kong and the UAA report recognised CUHK’s outstanding performance in innovation and knowledge transfer engagement. CUHK has had the highest total income from knowledge transfer as innovative activity, especially income generated from intellectual property, for three consecutive years. In addition, CUHK is the best performer in four assessment panels (engineering, electrical & electronic engineering, law, and education) with the highest ratio achieving “world leading” and “internationally excellent” standard, and is ahead of other UGC-funded universities, according to the report of the Research Assessment Exercise 2020 (RAE 2020) released earlier by UGC.

CUHK has been dedicated to pursuing excellence in education and research and developing talented minds for the benefit of society at large. The University has recently announced the five-year strategic plan “CUHK 2025”, which lays out objectives for teaching and research disciplines, including further enhancement of the curriculum and quality of teaching to prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow, putting emphasis on interdisciplinary research and integrating research, innovation and enterprise into a dynamic and productive continuum. CUHK will continue to focus on whole-person development and to provide students with diversified learning opportunities, as well as building a high-quality teaching and research environment.