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13 Jan 2021

CUHK Refutes Unfounded Rumour on Internet

13 Jan 2021

On the assault of CUHK security personnel this Monday (11 January), some media and online media and online platforms claimed that security officers of the University made arbitrary arrests of students and abused their power. CUHK firmly refutes such unfounded claims.

In the afternoon of 11 January, eight masked individuals, clad in black, raided the security counter near Exit A of the University MTR station and threw an unknown white powdery substance at the security guards on duty. After the raid, they fled in different directions into the campus. Other security officers came to assist and pursued the assailants by patrol cars. They tracked down a few fleeing individuals clad in black near the Chung Chi College Chapel and stopped one of them. That individual immediately took off his black clothing after being stopped. He could not present any identification documents and said he felt cold. Consequently, security officers arranged for him to wait in the patrol car until the police arrived for further investigation.

The University points out that the actions of the unidentified assailants, who attacked others with the white powdery substance, created public panic and could have caused severe bodily harm to people nearby. The University reiterates that security officers have the responsibility to maintain security and order on campus, and to protect the safety of its members. Their duties include handling unlawful acts when they occur and cooperating with the police in their investigations. Claims of “arbitrary arrests against students” circulating on some media and online platforms are entirely unfounded and absolutely untrue. CUHK strongly condemns the malicious assault and regards the false content circulated on some media and online platforms as deeply regrettable.

CUHK reiterates that the campus access management measures have been implemented since November 2019, with the aim of securing campus safety for all its members. All individuals must present their valid CUHK identification or personal identification documents before entering the campus. Security officers reserve the right to refuse campus entry to any individuals who fail to provide proper identification. The University has also directed security personnel to report cases of refusal to cooperate to the University for follow up.