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7 Sep 2020

CUHK Launches the First-ever Online Orientation for Freshmen

7 Sep 2020

Today (7 September) marked the beginning of a new semester of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University is launching this new academic year in an unprecedented manner, and will try its best to provide students with a fruitful learning experience as before. Professor Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University, shared his thoughts on 4 topics with freshmen in a welcome video message, including:

(1) Classes and Campus Life under the Pandemic: A majority of classes in the Fall Term will be conducted online, except some essential laboratory or practicum sessions which will be offered in-person, subject to approval based on prudent health and safety considerations. The University has also expended considerable resources to upgrade both hardware and software to ensure that the online courses can achieve the best teaching results;

(2) Virtual Exchange Opportunity: CUHK has advocated a novel Virtual Student Exchange Programme operated on the platform of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU). It allows students to take academic courses through digital platforms even when they are unable to leave their home countries;

(3) New Study Scheme on Sustainable Development: The University General Education (UGE) programme has also launched a special study scheme, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)-GE Study Scheme, which comes out of CUHK being the co-host of the Hong Kong Chapter of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). Students can learn about the global challenges that humanity is facing, and get valuable experience in voluntary activities related to the SDGs or social engagement;

(4) Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Learning from the successful experience of overseas universities, the University has introduced the Diversity and Inclusion Policy which consolidates many ongoing efforts and initiatives to further promulgate and promote openness, civility and inclusivity in our daily pursuits and interactions.

Although the students are not able to resume normal campus life for the time being, Professor Tuan encouraged the freshmen to avail themselves of every opportunity to learn new things whether virtual or face-to-face, and hoped they will enjoy a meaningful university life at CUHK. Please refer to the following link for Professor Rocky S Tuan’s speech:

In addition, the University has launched a brand new one-stop Orientation Website, with the Minecraft CUHK virtual campus designed by a CUHK student. By finishing all the eight tasks in the game, freshmen can complete the necessary procedures for registration, selection of colleges and subjects until the Fall Term commences, and get ready for future university life. To attract other CUHK students to participate in the game, a bonus stage with six news tasks and a Gacha Game have been added in the Orientation Website. The capsules contain cheer up messages and welcome blessings video from more than 80 teachers and students. Through this website, students are able to gain information about various aspects of learning at CUHK, such as online teaching arrangements and preparations, support for students with special education needs, and so on. Interested students can register an email on the following webpage and then they will be able to obtain useful information about campus life at CUHK at any time: