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5 Dec 2016

CUHK Department of Translation Hosts International Conference to Explore the Relation between Translation and TimeAll are Welcome

5 Dec 2016

International Conference on ‘Translation and Time: Exploring the Temporal Dimension of Cross-cultural Transfer’

The Department of Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), will host an international conference entitled ‘Translation and Time: Exploring the Temporal Dimension of Cross-cultural Transfer’ during 8 to 10 December 2016 at Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK. 

At the Opening Ceremony, Prof. Leung Yuen Sang, Dean, Faculty of Arts, CUHK will deliver a welcoming speech, followed by a keynote speech given by Prof. Mona Baker, Professor Emeritus of Translation Studies, the University of Manchester. In addition, Prof. Brian Baer, Professor of Russian and Translation Studies from Kent State University, and Prof. Sandra Bermann, Cotsen Professor of the Humanities from Princeton University will each deliver a keynote speech on the second and third day of the Conference, respectively. 

Largely overshadowed by the metaphor of space, the relation between translation and time/temporality remains surprisingly untheorized and understudied. The aim of this conference is to initiate a discussion about the theoretical and practical consideration of temporality, which may provide new insights and research directions for translation and interpreting studies. The Conference will bring together 30 scholars and experts from different parts of the world to exchange ideas on the following topics: 

  • Translation, censorship and time: delayed reception, false synchrony and temporal drag
  • Translation and modernity/modernization
  • Applying the concept of chronotope in translation and interpreting studies
  • Translation, transgeneration, and the disruption of chrononormativity
  • Neoliberalism and precarity of contemporary translation and interpreting
  • Temporalities of translation and interpreting in crisis situations
  • Temporalities of memory and trauma in translation and interpreting
  • Temporal metaphors for translation
  • Technology and the production of new temporalities: in print, on air, on screen, on line 

The Conference is sponsored by the Faculty of Arts, CUHK. All are welcome and no registration is required. For more information, please browse the conference webpage at, or contact the Department of Translation, CUHK by phone (3943 1867) or by email (

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International Conference on ‘Translation and Time: Exploring the Temporal Dimension of Cross-cultural Transfer’