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14 Apr 2016

CUHK Council Approves the Nomination of Dr. Norman Leung as the Next Council Chairman

14 Apr 2016

The Council of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) announces today (14 April) following its meeting, that it has approved the recommendation of its Nomination Committee that Dr. Norman Leung be nominated as the next Council Chairman.  The Council will nominate Dr. Norman Leung for appointment by the Chancellor in accordance with The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance.

The Council is of the view that Dr. Leung is a most suitable  Council Chairman, given his outstanding achievements,and knowledge and previous  experience in the higher education, public and private sectors.  The Council is pleased to note that Dr. Leung wishes to meet the University’s stakeholders to hear their views.  The University will make the arrangement as soon as possible.  In addition, The Council expresses its sincere gratitude to Dr. Vincent Cheng for his significant contributions to the Council in the past 9 years (of which 6 years as the Chairman).  Dr Cheng’s term of council membership will expire towards the end of this month.

The Committee, comprising 7 members, was established in June 2015 and has met 16 times during meetings and stakeholders sharing.  The Committee has given thorough discussion to the roles and responsibilities, and the required knowledge and experience of a Chairman, as well as the selection criteria. The committee has also carefully considered the 18 Council members from four categories* who are eligible for the appointment of Chairman, before making the final nomination. During the process, the Committee gave deliberate consideration to the suggestions of various stakeholders.  The Council organised an engagement forum in February 2016, when staff and students of the University were invited to express their views on the Council leadership. 

* According to Statute 11.1(a) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance, the Council Chairman shall be appointed by the Chancellor on the nomination of the Council from persons under the following four categories: (a) 6 persons nominated by the Chancellor; (b) 3 persons elected by the Members of the Legislative Council; (c) not more than 6 persons, normally resident in Hong Kong, elected by the Council; (d) not more than 3 persons elected by the Convocation.  Of the current 53 Council members, 18 are eligible for the appointment.