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10 Sep 2013

CUHK Business School and Rega Join Hands to Drive ‘Rega Financial Research Project’

10 Sep 2013

The Center for Institutions and Governance at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School has received a research funding made by Rega Technologies Limited (Rega), a local financial research firm, being the second part of the funding to push forward the ‘Rega Financial Research Project’ launched in 2011 by both parties to focus on research in China’s financial market and to propose recommendations for future directions. 

In June 2011, the Center for Institutions and Governance and Rega joined hands to kickstart the ‘Rega Financial Research Project’ with an aim to propose recommendations for future directions through studying the financial market, formulating investment strategies and understanding trends and current developments in the China market. With this project, Rega has become the first financial research firm in Hong Kong to provide a local university with academic research funding. 

In 2011, the Center for Institutions and Governance has already received the first round of funding from Rega and used it in academic research projects in the accounting and finance fields, including ‘Visits from Government Officials and Stock Price Performance’ by Prof. Wang Cong, as well as ‘Predicting Corporate Misconducts in China’ by Prof. Wu Donghui. Rega has now further donated the second tranche of research funding to the Center to support its ongoing academic research in those fields, particularly projects related to the regional and China markets. 

Prof. T. J. Wong, Dean of the CUHK Business School, said, ‘The Center for Institutions and Governance at CUHK is honored to receive the continuous funding from Rega to continue the research focused on China’s financial market. Drawing from the fields of economics, accounting and finance, the Center has long been devoted to investigating how China’s various institutional environments shape corporate governance and firm behavior.’

‘Having experienced 30 years of rapid development after adopting economic reforms and the Open Door Policy, China is now facing unprecedented challenges to its sustainable development. Its economic structural transformation is becoming an arduous task. Therefore, the Center for Institutions and Governance at CUHK hopes to gain an in-depth understanding of the core problems and identify the directions for possible solutions through academic research,’ commented Professor Wong. 

Mr. Liang Ting, Marketing Director of Rega, said, ‘The application of academic research results in the investment field has been a unique advantage of Rega. Upholding rigorous scholarship and committed to the studies of corporate governance and firm behavior in China, the Center for Institutions and Governance at CUHK has become the leader in the field of Chinese corporate governance research because of its fruitful research results gained from actively integrating academic research and practice in the financial market. Rega is very glad to contribute to and support the Center to further conduct research related to this field.’

‘Since the collaboration started in 2011, the Center for Institutions and Governance has been working closely with Rega to establish a platform for high-quality research and capital market practices. Going forward, Rega believes the Center’s research will reach an even higher level, and that research combining both theory and practice will continue to be a driving force for Rega. Our firm believes this model of integrating academic research and practice will become a model of success in the capital market in China,’ said Mr. Liang.

About CUHK Business School

CUHK Business School comprises two schools – Accountancy and Hotel & Tourism Management – and four departments – Finance, Decision Sciences & Managerial Economics, Management, and Marketing. It is Hong Kong’s first business school to offer MBA and EMBA courses. Today, the school offers 10 undergraduate programs and 31 graduate programs (10 MBA/EMBA; 15 Master, MSc and MPhil; 6 PhD). 

In the Financial Times’ 2013 global MBA rankings, CUHK’s MBA program is ranked No. 27. In its 2012 global EMBA rankings, CUHK’s EMBA program was ranked No.17 and its OneMBA program was ranked No. 24 in the world. CUHK has the largest number of business alumni (26,000+) in Hong Kong, many of whom are key business leaders. The faculty currently has more than 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Prof. Tak-Jun Wong is the Dean of CUHK Business School. 

About Rega

Rega Technologies Limited is focused on putting academic research results into investment practice. It applies the latest theory in modern finance, including asset valuation, behavioral finance and quantitative analysis, together with in-depth China knowledge, to develop investment strategies targeting Chinese equities listed in the United States, Hong Kong and China.