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9 Dec 2020

CUHK Appoints Dean of the Faculty of Education and Head of New Asia College

9 Dec 2020

Professor Fan Xitao

Professor Chan Sun-on, Hector

The Council of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has approved the appointment of Professor Fan Xitao as Dean of the Faculty of Education, for five years with effect from January 2021 at the earliest, succeeding Professor Leung Seung-ming, Alvin who has served as Dean for nearly 10 years. The University has also approved the appointment of Professor Chan Sun-on, Hector as Head of New Asia College for an initial term of four years from 1 January 2021, which will follow the present Head, Professor Henry Wong’s many years of service in CUHK. The University is deeply grateful to the two outgoing incumbents, Professor Leung and Professor Wong, for their dedicated service to CUHK and outstanding contributions in teaching and research over the years.

Professor Fan Xitao Appointed Dean of the Faculty of Education

Professor Fan Xitao is currently Dean and Presidential Chair Professor of the School of Humanities and Social Science at CUHK-Shenzhen. Before joining CUHK, Professor Fan served as Chair Professor of Educational Psychology, Dean of the Faculty of Education, and as interim Vice Rector (Academic Affairs) in the University of Macau. Prior to joining the University of Macau, he was Curry Memorial Professor, full professor, and associate professor in the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia, and was also an associate professor and assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, Utah State University, USA, possessing extensive experience in the field of education.

Professor Fan received his BA in English Education from Kunming Institute of Technology, China (now Kunming University of Science and Technology) in 1982, his MA in Teaching English as Second Language from Brigham Young University, USA in 1989, and his PhD in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M University, USA in 1993. His teaching and research focuses on research methods in education/psychology, structural equation modeling applications, educational/psychological measurement, meta-analytic studies, and inter-disciplinary research, including early childhood education, child/adolescent health, and technology integration in education.

Academic contributions by Professor Fan are unsurpassed. He served as editor (2004-2010) and associate editor (2000-2004) of Educational and Psychological Measurement, an academic journal covering the field of educational psychology. He has also been involved in numerous funded research projects by U.S. federal agencies, namely the National Science Foundation, Institute of Education Science, and National Institute of Health. In 2012, he was elected as a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association. He has now published over 200 research journal articles and book chapters, of which his research findings on education and psychology have been widely cited by scholars internationally.

Upon receiving the appointment, Professor Fan remarked, “I am honoured to have the opportunity to serve as CUHK Dean of the Faculty of Education. For many years, the Faculty of Education has been serving the Hong Kong education community well in nurturing and training many outstanding teachers, school administrators and other school personnel, and has been making substantial contributions to education science through active engagement in research and scholarship. Looking to the future, I am excited at having the opportunity to work with CUHK colleagues and students, to further build up the Faculty of Education to become an important and well recognised centre in Hong Kong, in the Greater China area, and internationally, for high-quality teacher training, for up-to-date professional development of school personnel, and for outstanding research and scholarship in education science.”

Professor Chan Sun-on, Hector Appointed Head of New Asia College

Professor Chan Sun-on, Hector graduated from New Asia College and CUHK with a BSc (First Hons) degree in Biology in 1986, and a MPhil degree in Anatomy in 1988. He then pursued a DPhil in Neuroscience at The University of Oxford in 1988. Upon returning to Hong Kong after graduation, Professor Chan started to teach in CUHK Department of Anatomy (now School of Biomedical Sciences) in 1991 and serve New Asia College in 1992. He is currently Assistant Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Medicine, Associate Director (Undergraduate Education) of the School of Biomedical Sciences, Associate Head and Dean of General Education of New Asia College, and Chairman of the Preclinical Education Committee of the Faculty of Medicine.

Professor Chan’s enthusiasm in the work of teaching and research is exemplified through his receipt of numerous accolades in education, including receiving Teacher of the Year Award from the Faculty of Medicine for 10 years, Master Teacher from the same faculty in 2005, and CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award in 2012. His major research interests include axon growth and pathfinding, and protection of the eye in degenerative and inflammatory diseases.

Since 1992, Professor Chan has been a member of New Asia College dedicated to facilitating its development. He has served on a number of College committees, including the Standing Committee, Assembly of Fellows, Committee on Student Discipline, Committee on Scholarships and Bursaries, and Committee on College History. Other major positions held in College include Trustee nominated by the Assembly of Fellows of New Asia College (since 2009), Chairman of the Committee on General Education (since 2009), Chairman (2007-2009) and member of the Committee on the Management of the College Canteen, and Dean of Students (1998-2000) .

Professor Chan said, “It’s my honour to have joined the big family of CUHK in my early years and worked with a group of excellent teaching and research staff, contributing to the development of the University and College. I have established a deep connection with CUHK and New Asia College from being a student, alumnus and teaching staff. Adhering to the College motto, “Cheng Ming” (sincerity and intelligence), I pledge to spare no effort to lead my fellow college members to teach and inspire students with knowledge and exemplary characters, based on the solid foundation of the College, who are respectful of nature, society, and history and culture of humanity.”

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Professor Fan Xitao


Professor Chan Sun-on, Hector