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8 Aug 2014

CUHK Admits Outstanding HKDSE Students

8 Aug 2014

Wong Yui Hin

Tsui Yung Kin

Pun Chun Sang

Tam Wing Hang

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) admitted, through JUPAS, 2,630 students who sat for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination.  Close to 100% of them were Band A students. 

The University’s minimum eligibility requirements for undergraduate admission are four core subjects and one elective subject. In this year’s intake, 30% of the candidates sat for seven subjects, and another 30% sat for seven subjects with the Mathematics Extended Part Module. 

New Medicine (Global Physician Stream) Top in Median Best 5 Scores in Hong Kong

CUHK has an impressive intake this year. Of all candidates who achieved Level 5** in five subjects or above in the HKDSE territory-wide, 30% were admitted by CUHK. The programmes admitting them include Medicine (Global Physician Stream), Medicine, Pharmacy, Global Business Studies, and Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science. 

In terms of the median admission scores of the best five subjects, the top five programmes/streams are shown in the table below. The Medicine (Global Physician Stream), which starts admitting candidates as an independent JUPAS programme this year, has the highest median admission score in Hong Kong.

Programme/ Streams Score for best 5 subjects (Median)
Medicine (Global Physician Stream) 35
Global Business Studies  34
Pharmacy 33
Medicine 33
Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science 31

In terms of the scores for the best five subjects of individual candidates, 11 programmes/streams at CUHK admitted candidates with a score of 35 (that is, Level 5** in 5 subjects). These programmes include Chinese Language and Literature, Global Business Studies, Insurance, Finance and Actuarial Analysis/ Quantitative Finance, Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science, Engineering, Medicine (Global Physician Stream), Medicine, Pharmacy, Enrichment Mathematics, Social Science and Government and Public Administration.

Top Scorer in Love with Chinese Literature

Amongst the three top scorers who attained 5** in seven subjects admitted to CUHK this year, Wong Yui Hin stands out as she also receives excellent result in the eighth subject – Grade A in Spanish as a Category C Other Language subject in HKDSE. Yui Hin has a genuine passion in Chinese language, and she particularly enjoys reading Chinese books and regularly practises Chinese calligraphy to relieve stress. With her immense interest in Chinese literature and history, she followed her heart and chose Chinese Language and Chinese Literature programme of CUHK as her first choice. She believes that literature can create resonance and foster closer interpersonal relationships. She plans to become a teacher or an editor after graduation to pass on knowledge of Chinese literature and culture to the next generation.

“Star” Students Hope to Benefit Mankind

Tsui Yung Kin and Pun Chun Sang were buddies in secondary school and have both been admitted to the Science programme of CUHK this year with outstanding performance in Other Learning Experience.  In recognition of their research and development achievements in an international science and engineering competition in 2012, each of them has had an asteroid named after them. Pun Chun Sang was further awarded in the same competition last year.  Yung Kin and Chun Sang have always been fascinated by science, and their experience in conducting research and taking part in international competitions has strengthened their resolution to scientific research. They hope their research will benefit mankind in future.

Immobile Student Inspires Others

Suffering from Spinocerebellar Ataxia since six months’ old, Tam Wing Hang is unable to move his limbs except his four fingers of the right hand.  When taking the HKDSE examination, he had to give answers verbally and rely on an assistant to write the answers on his behalf. With unwavering determination, he has attained excellent results with a total score of 26 in the best five subjects in HKDSE, achieving 5** in Geography, 5* in Chinese History and Liberal Studies.  He has been admitted to the Religious Studies programme at CUHK. Though Wing Hang was once despondent about his disabilities, his religious belief has helped him recover the value of life. In his university life, he hopes to broaden his perspectives academically and acquire a sympathetic understanding of people’s religious lives in society. He is determined to succeed with a clear goal and direction.

This year, 90 students were admitted to CUHK through the “School Principal’s Nominations Scheme”.  Twelve students were admitted through the Sports Scholarship Scheme who have outstanding achievements in sports including athletics, fencing, rowing, table tennis, volleyball, handball and basketball. 

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