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13 Feb 2007 CUHK’s Law Library Named After Dr Lee Quo Wei 12 Feb 2007 CUHK Study: Students think more critically on internet than in classrooms 8 Feb 2007 CUHK Department of Economics ReleasesSurvey Results on Business Confidence in December 2006 7 Feb 2007 Vice-Chancellor’s Cup of CUHK Nurture Future Entrepreneurs 6 Feb 2007 Male Home Smoking Strikingly Increases Spouse’s Risk of Coronary Heart Disease 29 Jan 2007 亞太研究所特區政府二零零七年一月份民望意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 25 Jan 2007 CUHK and Evivar Medical set up the Centre of Excellencefor the management of Hepatits B 25 Jan 2007 International Experts join forces in a bid to controlthe spread of human and animal disease in Asia 23 Jan 2007 香港中文大學教育學院推出全新幼兒教育學位及碩士課程進一步提升本港幼兒教育質素 (Chinese Version Only) 19 Jan 2007 中大最受尖子歡迎 (Chinese Version Only) 18 Jan 2007 CUHK and Zhejiang University Conclude Collaboration Agreements and Open Joint Laboratory on Natural Products and Toxicology Research 15 Jan 2007 香港中文大學社會工作系「香港學童輟學情況及其介入」調查研究 (Chinese Version Only) 14 Jan 2007 中大今舉行優先錄取資訊日 雙主修雙學位 吸納本地尖子 (Chinese Version Only) 12 Jan 2007 中大趙詠賢、李致和、鮑明慧亞運創佳績今天於母校舉行祝捷會 (Chinese Version Only) 12 Jan 2007 中學生的電腦比賽香港電腦奧林匹克競賽2007 (Chinese Version Only) 11 Jan 2007 CUHK Faculty of Business Administration Invites Mr. Zhang Jianguo,President of China Construction Bank to speak on the “Future of Banking Industry in China — Challenges & Opportunities” 11 Jan 2007 香港中文大學成功利用衛星遙感監測渤海遼東灣海冰情況 (Chinese Version Only) 10 Jan 2007 CUHK Launches the 1st JD/MBA Double Degree Programme in Asia 9 Jan 2007 World Authority in Contemporary China Studies Ezra VogelLectured on Sino-Japanese Relations 9 Jan 2007 Breakthrough in Down’s Syndrome TestingOpens to Revolutionary Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis