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18 Oct 2007 CUHK Develops Renewable Energy and Green Roofs in Full Scale for a Sustainable Campus 18 Oct 2007 中大香港亞太研究所特區政府二零零七年十月份民望意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 17 Oct 2007 CUHK and New World Development Company LimitedJointly Organize the Topping-Out Ceremony for the Teaching Hotel 16 Oct 2007 Four Distinguished Persons Honoured by CUHK 16 Oct 2007 CUHK to Establish Lee Woo Sing College 15 Oct 2007 中大舉行全港首次藥劑師白袍慶典展開中大藥劑學學士課程成立15周年慶祝活動 (Chinese Version Only) 15 Oct 2007 CUHK Finds Stigma Lowers Likelihood of Help Sought for Mental Health Problems and Launches Stigma Reduction Programme under SHKP Mental Health Alliance 11 Oct 2007 中大參展深圳高交會致力實現深港創新圈 (Chinese Version Only) 11 Oct 2007 CUHK Establishes First-of-its-kind Professorship to Promote Indian Religions and Culture 9 Oct 2007 CUHK Master of Science Programme in Marketing Announces Survey Results“The Greatest Local Brand in Mind” 8 Oct 2007 著名哲學家勞思光教授於中文大學演講 (Chinese Version Only) 8 Oct 2007 Lieutenant Governor of California Speaks at CUHK on Global Climate Change 4 Oct 2007 CUHK Sets Up the First Food Composition Database in Hong Kong 3 Oct 2007 Lieutenant Governor of California to Speak at CUHK on Global Climate ChangeLecture Open to Public 2 Oct 2007 中大香港亞太研究所市民對政制發展意見調查(第三次)(Chinese Version Only) 29 Sep 2007 中文大學本科入學資訊日逾二萬人參加 (Chinese Version Only) 28 Sep 2007 CUHK Students Complete Global Internship Programme Whose Participating Countries Span 5 Continents 28 Sep 2007 中大繼續蟬聯為新生的首選大學 (Chinese Version Only) 28 Sep 2007 中大香港亞太研究所特區政府二零零七年九月份民望意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 27 Sep 2007 中大本科入學資訊日於本週六舉行法律學院以嶄新方式介紹法律理念 (Chinese Version Only)