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5 Dec 2007 CUHK Alumnus Contributes to Nobel Prize Research 5 Dec 2007 Programme for International Student Assessment: Accomplishment and Challenges of Hong Kong Students 4 Dec 2007 SHKP and CUHK Present Nobel Lecture on Rethinking Gene Expression, Evolution and Medicine 4 Dec 2007 International Student Assessment Programme ShowsHK Students’ Outstanding Performance in Science, Mathematics and Reading 30 Nov 2007 香港中文大學利用中國北京一號衛星分析大嶼山山火損失 (Chinese Version Only) 30 Nov 2007 Stigmatization toward people living with HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable groups among the general public in Hong Kong 29 Nov 2007 師訓機構積極回應普通話教中文的需求 (Chinese Version Only) 29 Nov 2007 中大香港亞太研究所特區政府二零零七年十一月份民望意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 28 Nov 2007 新一屆「中大商學院本科課程學長計劃」正式啟動逾二百名校友學生聚首一堂 豐富同學商業視野與創業思維 (Chinese Version Only) 28 Nov 2007 SHKP-CUHK Tin Shui Wai Family Mental Health Campaign 26 Nov 2007 Celebrated Writer Qiu Xiaolong Speaks at CUHK 26 Nov 2007 新鴻基地產郭氏基金捐款1,500萬資助內地優才入讀香港中文大學郭炳湘推動教育不遺餘力 (Chinese Version Only) 25 Nov 2007 CUHK kicked off the Afforestation SchemeArbour of Ten Thousand Trees 23 Nov 2007 Professors Joseph Sung and Francis Chan ReceiveMost Outstanding Contribution Award 23 Nov 2007 SHKP and CUHK Present Nobel Lecture onMolecular Structures in Post-genomic Research 20 Nov 2007 CUHK Students Swept Top Award in National Technological Competition 19 Nov 2007 「滬港發展趨勢論壇2007」 (Chinese Version Only) 18 Nov 2007 CADENZA: An Elderly Friendly Hong Kong Educational Fairheld today to promote positive ageing 16 Nov 2007 中國科學院代表團訪問中文大學 續簽學術交流協議 (Chinese Version Only) 15 Nov 2007 著名文學家查良鏞主持講座 論中國歷史的大勢並膺任中大文學院榮譽教授 (Chinese Version Only)