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25 May 2007 CUHK Sports Science and Physical Education DepartmentReleases Survey Results on Childhood Obesity in Hong Kong 22 May 2007 CUHK to Establish Two New Colleges — C. W. Chu College and Wu Yee Sun College 21 May 2007 The Chinese University of Hong KongSixth Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony 17 May 2007 中大鄭振耀副校長就《中大學生報》與同學會面 (Chinese Version Only) 14 May 2007 中大亞太研究所四月份香港市民對中國大陸發展意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 10 May 2007 The Chinese University of Hong KongStatement on "CU Student Press" 30 Apr 2007 中大香港亞太研究所特區政府二零零七年四月份民望意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 27 Apr 2007 Groundbreaking Study on Female Infertility Chosen as Best Research 26 Apr 2007 CUHK Vice-Chancellor Honoured by Leading Japanese Universities 24 Apr 2007 CU Engineering Launches Weblog for Admission Enquiries 23 Apr 2007 Current CUHK Engineering Graduates Well Sought After by EmployersMonthly Salary shoots up to 40K+ 23 Apr 2007 Study: Students learn more through more executive thinking and less memorizing 19 Apr 2007 CUHK’s Centralized Labs Wins Hong Kong Institute of Architects Award 19 Apr 2007 Rhinoplasty Greatly ImprovesThe Function and Aesthetics of the Nose After Nasal Injury 2 Apr 2007 中大工程生獲美大學二百萬獎學金 (Chinese Version Only) 2 Apr 2007 New Study Demonstrates Telbivudine’s Superiority to Adefovir in Hepatitis B Treatment 31 Mar 2007 香港中文大學主辦《海峽兩岸經濟發展論壇》 圓滿結束 (Chinese Version Only) 31 Mar 2007 香港中文大學主辦《海峽兩岸經濟發展論壇》三月三十一日會議摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 30 Mar 2007 香港中文大學主辦《海峽兩岸經濟發展論壇》頂尖專家學者及企業領袖雲集 開幕式兩岸三地網上直播 (Chinese Version Only) 30 Mar 2007 香港中文大學主辦《海峽兩岸經濟發展論壇》三月三十日會議摘要 (Chinese Version Only)