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1 Aug 2007 中大香港亞太研究所公布市民對政制發展意見調查 (Chinese Version Only) 31 Jul 2007 CUHK Detects Oil Spill On Hong Kong Coasts and the Vicinity from Satellite Images 30 Jul 2007 Top Choice for the Top Students:CUHK Admits the Largest Number of Grade A Students 27 Jul 2007 中大香港亞太研究所特區政府二零零七年七月份民望意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 24 Jul 2007 CUHK and IBM Cooperate to Boost Youths’ interests in Engineering Students spark enthusiasm in Engineers Week 17 Jul 2007 向汪道涵先生致敬《老先生》新書介紹 (Chinese Version Only) 15 Jul 2007 中大錄取境外學生 盡為精英中的精英 (Chinese Version Only) 13 Jul 2007 展示廣東地方道教的面貌中大出版道教研究專書暨新書發佈會公開講座 (Chinese Version Only) 11 Jul 2007 中大化學系優秀畢業生殷翠瑩獲耶魯大學聘為助理教授 (Chinese Version Only) 8 Jul 2007 香港中文大學廣攬內地尖子 (Chinese Version Only) 5 Jul 2007 CUHK Nursing Specialist Awarded 2007 Cardiac Nursing Awards 29 Jun 2007 CUHK Spearheads Asian Family Enterprise StudiesContinues the Growth Momentum of Family Business in the Region 29 Jun 2007 中大藥劑學院成立諮詢委員會配合未來香港醫療改革及融資 積極發展藥劑學教育及研究 (Chinese Version Only) 28 Jun 2007 中大香港亞太研究所特區政府二零零七年六月份民望意見調查結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 25 Jun 2007 中大教育學院「尋求升讀海外高等教育:內地學生的選擇和理由」研究結果摘要 (Chinese Version Only) 21 Jun 2007 CUHK Hosts First Asian Multi Disciplinary Robotic Surgery Symposium 18 Jun 2007 CUHK hosts International Conference to Mark HKSAR at Ten 15 Jun 2007 Inauguration of the Largest International Exchange Scholarship Scheme and Naming of Yasumoto International Academic Park at CUHK 14 Jun 2007 CUHK Launched University Social Enterprise ChallengeFostering the Development of Social Enterprise 12 Jun 2007 中大理學院開發嶄新個案基礎學習法 (Chinese Version Only)