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23 Apr 2023 Dr Norman Chan appointed Vice-Chairman of CUHK Council 20 Apr 2023 CU Medicine’s population-based long COVID-19 survey estimates that over 400,000 recovered COVID-19 patients suffer from sexual dysfunction and reproductive problems 20 Apr 2023 CUHK wins the Huawei 2022 ICT talent ecosystem outstanding contribution award (HK & Macau) 19 Apr 2023 CUHK wins four awards at the 13th Challenge Cup China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition 17 Apr 2023 CSD and UGC-funded universities sign MoU to facilitate continuous education of university students in custody 17 Apr 2023 國務院港澳辦主任夏寶龍訪問中大醫療機械人創新技術中心 (Chinese version only) 17 Apr 2023 CUHK Council endorses the Report of the Taskforce on the Review of the Size and Composition of the CUHK Council 11 Apr 2023 CUHK study shows control of lipid levels is crucial to prevent cardiac events after coronary artery bypass graft 9 Apr 2023 CUHK finds over-the-scope clips are more effective than standard treatment for patients with non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding 6 Apr 2023 Survey findings on HKSAR government’s popularity in March 2023 released by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK 30 Mar 2023 CUHK study reveals risk of liver-related complications but not liver cancer decreases over time in patients who have recovered from hepatitis B
Regular cancer surveillance is recommended
29 Mar 2023 Five CUHK projects receive HK$9 million from Mental Health Initiatives Funding Scheme Phase Two 28 Mar 2023 Official opening of the CUHK Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Research Institute (Futian) to foster the I&T ecosystem of Shenzhen – Lok Ma Chau Loop 23 Mar 2023 Inaugural Croucher Professorship in Medical Science lecture by Professor Siew Ng: A Magical Pursuit 23 Mar 2023 Huawei Hong Kong strengthens collaboration with local universities to cultivate digital talents in the education industry CUHK won first prize in the Cloud track of the Huawei ICT Competition 23 Mar 2023 CUHK develops an efficient approach to estimate the risk of heart disease in people living with HIV 22 Mar 2023 CUHK develops wirelessly powered electronic stents for gastric acid reflux treatment: a new non-invasive therapy 17 Mar 2023 March 2023 issue of CUHK in Touch is now available online 17 Mar 2023 CUHK supports World Sleep Day 2023 Calls for attention to adverse effects of sleep problems, including increased risk of long COVID, mental and cardiovascular problems 15 Mar 2023 CUHK study shows enhanced insulin-regulated immune function supports extreme health span and longevity