January Lunchtime Gathering of Pastoral and Spiritual Care Committee in 2021: The Spirituality of a Personnel Administration


28 Jan 2021


1:00-2:00 p.m.



Ms. Corinna LEE, Director of Human Resources Office (HRO), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Biography of Speaker:

Ms. Corinna Lee is the Director of Human Resources Office (HRO) at CUHK.

Ms. Lee graduated from The University of Hong Kong, studying Comparative Literature and English Language. She obtained her Master’s degree on Educational Administration from the University of New England, Australia. Ms. Lee joined the Methodist Church in school days and since then have actively participated in voluntary service, living out the call to serve along with spiritual growth. She is now a member of the Kowloon Methodist Church and serves God there.

Ms. Lee started work at The Polytechnic University, first as a department executive and then a personnel officer in the General Secretariat. She joined CUHK in 1996 as a personnel manager and advanced as Director of HRO in 2013.

When facing challenges on the fronts of policy reformation, trade culture and employment relations, Ms. Lee holds that it is essential to be able to have the mind of Christ to understand, to empathize and to act.

Admission: Before noon of January 22, 2021 (Friday). * For CUHK Staff and Postgraduates only. *


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