11 Nov 2019

CUHK Statement on the Campus Incident

11 Nov 2019

The University received a report this morning that police had taken position at No. 2 Bridge located between CUHK and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. CUHK Security  personnel attended to the matter shortly and learned from the police that a number of individuals had been seen on No. 2 Bridge casting heavy objects onto the Tolo Highway below, endangering motorists and public safety.  Police confronted a crowd of masked individuals at No. 2 Bridge, a non-university public property. During the confrontation, the crowd threw bricks and petrol bombs at the police, and the police fired tear gas as well as rubber bullets. As the crowd increased in number, University Security personnel was dispatched to the scene to communicate further with the police, while officers from the Office Student Affairs also held dialogue with the student representatives, in order to diffuse the situation and to minimize further escalation.
In the afternoon, as the confrontation continued, CUHK Vice-Chancellor and President Prof. Rocky Tuan communicated with Government officials to request restraint on the part of the police, while University officials advised the students to stay clear of the location.  University Security personnel held further communication with the police to seek resolution. The confrontation was eventually resolved.
Five CUHK students were arrested during the conflict. The University promptly solicited help from volunteer lawyers to provide assistance to students in need, to ensure protection of the legal rights of members of the University. In addition, injured students were taken to the University Clinic for medical treatment.
In addition, beginning around 6 am this morning, multiple entrances to the University campus were completely obstructed, seriously blocking vehicular traffic and presenting hazards to pedestrians. A group of policemen arrived around noon to clear the barricades. During the confrontation, tear gas was used by the police to disperse the crowd. We sincerely urge all parties to exercise restraint and to seek resolution via communication, and the return of order and function to the campus soon.