13 Feb 2022

Alert: Eight CUHK students preliminarily tested positive for or confirmed with COVID-19 infection

13 Feb 2022

Dear colleagues and students,

Alert: Eight CUHK students preliminarily tested positive for or confirmed with COVID-19 infection

You will all know that there is a surge of Omicron infections in the city. We are sorry to have to inform you that some cases have now been detected on the campus. As of last night (12 February) 2 students had confirmed positive COVID-19 infection tests, and 6 had preliminarily positive test results. 

The health and safety of CUHK members remains our prime concern. The hostel rooms of the students concerned have already been disinfected, as have the toilets and other communal facilities in their areas of their hostels. We have also disinfected the campus venues that they had visited recently. Furthermore, all the students living in the same hostel wing as the confirmed cases completed rapid antigen tests last night. The collective efforts of a number of different departments and units have been crucial in allowing us to complete these important tasks so rapidly. We all owe them our thanks.

The students with confirmed COVID-19 infection have moved into separate rooms with individual bathrooms and toilets where they can stay while waiting for the further arrangements that will be organized by the government Centre for Health Protection. The University will liaise closely with the CHP and carry out the appropriate measures required to follow up on the cases.

In our last message to you, we told you that the University would create a dashboard of the latest number of University members confirmed or preliminarily positive with COVID-19 infection, so that everyone can keep abreast of the up-to-date situation on the campus. We are pleased to say that this work is now complete. The Confirmed COVID-19 cases in CUHK webpage has been launched today and will be updated whenever we are informed about new confirmed cases.

The University strongly urges all its members to read and follow the health advice of the University’s Committee on Health Promotion and Protection which outlines what we can all do to help to safeguard not only our own health but also that of the others around us. We can do a lot as a community that looks after all its members.

Please visit the Act Together Against COVID-19 website for information about CUHK’s detailed response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Yours faithfully,
Committee on Health Promotion and Protection
The Chinese University of Hong Kong