25 August 2010

The Chinese University Joins iTunes U
as a Further Step towards ‘Education without Borders’

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) joins iTunes U today (25 August), a dedicated area within the iTunes Store that offers free audio and video content from leading educational institutions worldwide.  With this latest initiative to promote knowledge transfer and lifelong learning, the University places a variety of educational programmes at the viewers’ fingertips.

‘We are excited to take part in iTunes U to share what we treasure with the global community,’ said Mr. Philip Leung, Director of Information Technology Services. ‘As one of the few early participating institutions from Asia, CUHK will endeavor, as our mission states, to bring together China and the West.  We shall continue to expand our presence in the global education landscape by sharing more of our news, distinguished lectures, general education and other academic programmes with the CUHK community and people from both Hong Kong and other parts of the world.’

 Students, faculty, alumni and visitors can now visit CUHK on iTunes U anywhere, anytime to access video and audio recordings of distinguished talks, conferences, and lectures of academic programmes of the University, including the public lectures on optical fibre communication in commemoration of former CUHK Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Charles Kao’s being awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics, the CUHK 45th Anniversary Public Lecture Series, and business talks on new thinking in management. These are all available for download in the same way individuals access applications on the iTunes Store. 

 Boasting the greenest campus in the territory, CUHK is committed to promoting environmental protection and green education.  A notable collection of audio recordings introducing trees and plants on campus is also one of the highlights of CUHK on iTunes U.  Potential students can also get a taste of the law classes in CUHK by viewing a series of lectures on ‘Principles of Land Law’.

 There are many top universities in the US, Europe, Canada and Australia with active iTunes U sites, including Stanford, Yale, MIT, Oxford, and UC Berkeley.  CUHK will be one of the first Asian universities to make content available on iTunes, adding to the University’s continued efforts to develop and provide multimedia eLearning content for the University community and the general public.  The public can now conveniently enjoy CUHK educational content of different disciplines for free through various personal computing devices.  With the launch of CUHK on iTunes U, the University is taking another significant step towards ‘education without borders’ and stays at the forefront of technology in education.

 Stay tuned to CUHK on iTunes U: http://itunes.cuhk.edu.hk/.

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