22 January 2019

Admission of JUPAS Applicants with Diverse Talents (2019 entry)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) today announces new measures for admitting applicants with outstanding performance in academic and non-academic fields.  The measures include: (1) Admission of STEM Talents (2) Enhanced School Principal’s Nominations (SPN) (3) Preferential HKDSE Score Conversion and (4) Expanded Admission Interviews.

(1)    Admission of STEM Talents

As announced in September 2018, to encourage students with strong interests to build a solid foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science have jointly launched a STEM Talent Scheme for selection and admission of applicants with breadth and in-depth exposure and achievement in STEM.  For applicants taking the local HKDSE exam, STEM talents are defined as those who have achieved in HKDSE at least “3 Stars” (e.g. Level 5*5*5* or 5**5*3) in 3 STEM elective subjects.  The STEM elective subjects include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics Extended Module I or II (M1 or M2), Combined Science, Integrated Science, Information and Communication Technology, and Design and Applied Technology. 

The two faculties will grant flexibility in admission to STEM talents as defined above if they place the programme as their priority (e.g. as one of their top JUPAS programme choices).  Such special consideration is also extended to JUPAS applicants who fail to fulfil the University minimum entrance requirements of Level 3322 in the 4 core subjects. Selection interview and offer of admission may be granted.

(2)    Enhanced School Principal’s Nominations (SPN)

The University has been admitting the largest number of students nominated under the JUPAS School Principal’s Nomination scheme, which aims at giving due recognition to applicants who have social contribution or made outstanding achievements in non-academic areas such as sports, music, social services, creative activities or other cultural activities, or who have demonstrated leadership abilities.  Applicants nominated under SPN and have put CUHK programmes as their Band A (or 1st to 3rd choices) may be invited for interview in June, and may be granted conditional offers or bonuses for admission before the release of HKDSE results.

From 2019 onwards, further recognition is given to students with outstanding non-academic performance nominated under SPN. Students with conditional offers of admission who are unable to fulfil the offer conditions, may still be exceptionally considered for admission after the release of HKDSE results, if they have outstanding non-academic achievements and demonstrate a strong interest in being admitted to the CUHK programme that grants them the conditional offer.

(3)    Preferential HKDSE Score Conversion for Applicants with Outstanding HKDSE Subject Results

To give due recognition to JUPAS applicants with outstanding academic performance in specific HKDSE subjects, the University will introduce a preferential HKDSE score conversion scale applicable to admission score calculation of all undergraduate programmes (except Medicine, and Medicine – Global Physician Stream).  The conversion applies to Level 5 or above.  The augmented HKDSE score conversion for 2019 entry is as follows:

Category A - Core and Elective Subjects (including M1 and M2)

















(Augmented score conversion is highlighted in red colour in the table above.)

(4)    More Admission Interviews Opportunities

In addition to public examination results and other non-academic achievements as presented in the JUPAS application, the University and its programmes take other factors such as applicants’ personal attributes into consideration in their admission.  Over 80% of CUHK programmes in JUPAS conduct admission interviews to better understand the applicants’ personal attributes, their motivation for studying in the chosen course as well as their aspirations.  From 2019 entry onwards, the University and its programmes plan to conduct a larger number of admission interviews thereby giving more opportunities to JUPAS applicants.

CUHK has been admitting quality students with diverse talents commensurate with the expectations of the University and the community at large.  In announcing the above admission arrangements, CUHK reaffirms its commitment in ensuring that applicants with diverse talents, achievements and aspirations are given due consideration for admission, and that arrangements are made to encourage applicants to select study programmes to best match their interests, potentials and aspirations.