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10 May 2007

The Chinese University of Hong KongStatement on "CU Student Press"

10 May 2007

The “CU Student Press” has been charged with publishing several issues that contain indecent and offensive content, and distributing these issues both on and off campus, giving rise to deep concern and unease. The University expects a high moral standard and ethical conduct among its students and student organizations, and would not condone the publication of such indecent or offensive material, especially in the name of student organizations. The Editorial Board must take full responsibility for what has happened.

A Committee established under Senate disciplinary procedures held its meeting today to consider the incident in question. The Committee comprises four teachers and one student. The Committee had liaised with the former and current chief editors of “CU Student Press” and invited them to appear before the Committee today to present their points of view. While the Committee was in session, the Editorial Board demanded to see the committee en masse. This was rejected as it was not in line with the Committee’s working guidelines. The two chief editors then refused to appear before the Committee.

The Committee after careful deliberation has arrived at its initial conclusion: namely, that the “CU Student Press” has in its recent issues published material of an indecent nature, way beyond the commonly accepted standards of the community, leading to concern and unease. In the process, the “CU Student Press” has harmed fellow students, and damaged the reputation of the University. The Committee will soon consider the appropriate penalty according to General Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies No. 19.

In the light of this finding by the Committee, the University has issued a stern warning to the Editorial Board members of “CU Student Press” to desist from publishing or distributing material of an indecent or offensive nature. The University will take action to prevent the distribution of such material on campus.

The University has offered help and counselling to the students involved, to assist them in their reflection in order to recognize and rectify their mistakes. The University also urges that any discussion of such topics must be undertaken in a rational, academic and solemn manner.