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20 Jun 2016

Statement of CUHK Council

20 Jun 2016

Dozens of protestors – some wearing black masks – tried to barge into the venue for the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Council meeting today (20 June), just before it began and while Dr Norman Leung, the Council Chairman and Prof. Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK, were receiving a petition letter from The Chinese University Student Union (CUSU) and in conversation with the CUSU President.  It is believed that the protestors wearing black masks were not CUHK students.  The protestors clashed with security staff and a guard’s head was injured and bled.  The guard was sent to hospital for treatment.  CUHK expresses regret over the acts of the protestors and extends its sympathies to the injured staff. CUHK also condemns the acts of violence.

Chow Shue-fung, CUSU President and Hung Ho-ming, a member of the Senate (student representative) were invited to the Council meeting for its discussion of the ex-officio chancellorship of the chief executive.  After a thorough discussion, the Council decided that the University would take a lead in organizing a seminar to discuss matters concerning the chancellorship, and listen with an open mind to views from different stakeholders. To this end, an organizing committee composed of CUHK staff, students and alumni will be established.  Local and overseas experts will be invited to be speakers at the seminar.