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15 Oct 2012

Developing Global Business Leaders for the Asian CenturyCUHK’s EMBA Ranks No. 17 WorldwideAmong Top 20 Programs Worldwide for 11 consecutive years (2001-2012)

15 Oct 2012

The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Executive MBA Program scored another success in the Financial Times 2012 ranking of EMBA programs released today.

In its latest global survey of 100 EMBA Programs worldwide, the London-based Financial Times ranked CUHK’s EMBA Program No. 17 in 2012. The Program has been consistently ranked high among the world’s top 20 EMBA programs since the newspaper’s first launch of global EMBA ranking in 2001.

‘We are very pleased to see the good ranking performance,’ said Prof. Andrew C. F. Chan, Director of the EMBA Program. ‘We were the first EMBA Program in Hong Kong, and are a truly made-in-Hong Kong product. Based on its unique insights and advantage, The CUHK EMBA program supports the business leaders in the “Asian Century” to face all kinds of challenges. We will continue building on our track record of cutting edge research and teaching excellence. We believe these are the reasons why business leaders choose to study at CUHK Business School.’

Among all independent EMBA programs in the world, the program’s alumni salary is the highest. The average annual salary is as high as HK$2,412,850. The program’s alumni also achieved a high salary increase rate of 45%. The program also scored highest in the areas of research publications, work experience, international students, international faculty and international advisory board among the independent EMBA programs in the Asia Pacific which were ranked among top 20.

‘As always, ranking is not our foremost pursuit,’ Professor Chan said. ‘What is important is maintaining our ability to nurture top-notch management talents to meet the needs of Hong Kong, the mainland and the world.’

‘We will continue with our tradition of keeping a good balance between theory and practice, and continue to innovate to make sure that we keep pace with the dynamics of the market place’, he remarked. ‘Since 2002, we have enriched our programme considerably by providing more opportunities for students and alumni to share insights from business leaders.’

Professor Chan noted that the program has ‘co-organized with RTHK the popular “Talking to CEOs” and the “New Thinking in Management” series. The “Talking to CEOs” program has been constantly broadcast on RTHK and other TV channels, and the “New Thinking in Management” program is aired live every Sunday afternoon on RTHK’s Radio One. To reach a broader audience, the content of these programs as well as that of our EMBA Forum, Conference, Seminars, etc. is regularly published in the form of books, DVDs and newspaper and magazine articles. Some of the published books have been converted to e-books so the public can access them easily.’

Professor Chan continued: ‘We partnered with the EMBA Programs of Peking University and the National Taiwan University to conduct the first “Greater China EMBA Elite Study Week” in Hong Kong in May last year. This year in February, the study week was conducted in the National Taiwan University. Next week, our students will go to Peking University to attend the next study week. We strategically provided a platform for the three groups of EMBA students in Greater China to interact and develop friendships. The week was the first of its kind conducted worldwide,’ he said.

To enable students to develop a global perspective and interact with senior executives in different parts of the world, the program will also continue to organize global study trips. Professor Chan said that ‘in August, the students completed a global study program at the University of California at Berkeley. They’ll attend another global field study in another place next year.’

‘Since executives nowadays have to frequently travel to mainland and overseas or stay there for a long period, our program, in order to suit their travelling schedule, will change our current class schedule from having class once a week to once several weeks, starting from the new academic year. Students will meet once on Saturday and Sunday every few weeks,’ he said.

About CUHK Business School

CUHK Business School comprises two schools – Accountancy and Hotel & Tourism Management – and four departments – Finance, Decision Sciences & Managerial Economics, Management, and Marketing. It was Hong Kong’s first business school offering MBA and EMBA courses. Today, the school offers 10 undergraduate programs and 31 graduate programs (10 MBA/EMBA; 15 Master, MSc and MPhil; 6 PhD)

CUHK has the largest number of business alumni (21,000+) in Hong Kong – many of whom are key business leaders. The faculty currently has more than 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Professor TJ Wong is the Dean of CUHK Business School.