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25 Jan 2021

CUHK’s Response to Media Enquiries

25 Jan 2021

In response to media enquiries, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) states that police officers from the New Territories South Regional Headquarters tonight (25 January) conducted an investigation and search, with a search warrant, for evidence in a case of criminal offence on 11 January in CUHK campus. Representatives of relevant units of the University have immediately sought legal advice and communicated with the police to understand the situation. At this stage, it is known that some CUHK students have been arrested. The University will not comment on the details of an individual case that is under investigation.

At noon on 11 January, about eight masked individuals, clad in black, raided the security counter near Exit A of the University MTR station and threw unknown white powdery substance at the security guards on duty for a few times. They also damaged campus facilities including fences and chairs, causing panic to the people nearby. After the raid, they fled in different directions into the campus. In light of the seriousness of the incident and injuries caused to a security guard, the University immediately made a police report.

The University will not tolerate any illegal or violent behaviour on campus, and will cooperate fully with the police in their investigation.